Laundryheap A Useful Service For Your Laundry Needs At Home Or Away

If you love to travel, and maybe you also juggle a family and a job, sometimes you may look at your pile of dirty laundry and think help! Well, what about getting your laundry washed on holiday? 

Laundryheap is an app and website that provides a useful service - your dirty laundry picked up and returned the next day, clean and washed. But that's not all, they iron too. Of course, if you live in the areas they cover you can also get your laundry done in your home city, making it a convenient service when you haven't got the time or haven't got the facilities to do your laundry. This is an advertorial in collaboration with Laundryheap.

How does it work?

To book a collection is easy, just go online or on the app which is free to download. You just enter your postcode and select your address. You include all items that can be washed and tumble dried. Each bag is up to 6KG in weight and the standard is a mixed wash. You can also pay for two washes, with light and dark clothes washed separately. Dry cleaning and ironing can also be done and covers clothes as well as bedsheets, tablecloths and towels. 

A great plus point is bedding such as duvets can also be cleaned. You don't have to cart them down to your dry cleaners, which can be awkward as they are so bulky. There is nothing nicer getting under clean bedsheets in a clean duvet!

You then choose a pickup time, which can be in two-hourly slots or an eco-friendly time which is a four-hour slot, where your washing is dropped off with another close by. Collection can be picked up and dropped off at reception, useful if you are staying in accommodation when travelling.

How much does it cost?
A 6KG load of washing costs £14.95, dry cleaning and ironing is from £2 an item and home and bedding is from £8 per item.

What areas do they cover?

Laundryheap is based in London but also cover Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry. Internationally they have services in Dubai, Dubai, Amsterdam and Sharjah. So if you are jetting off on holiday in Amsterdam for example or Dubai and only have hand luggage then getting your clothes washed and dried can be cheaper than paying for luggage. Something to think about for sure!

Why should you use them?

Laundryheap is convenient. You can get your items picked up and dropped off the next day all within 24 hours. 

Laundryheap is reasonably priced. Prices are good and you get value for money.

Laundryheap saves you time. You don't need to buy washing powder, put the washing in the machine then dry it.

Laundryheap is brilliant if you are travelling and especially if you have only hand luggage, saving money, and weight on luggage.

Laundryheap use no harsh chemicals, protecting the environment.

Laundryheap give a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will reprocess your clothes if you are not entirely satisfied!

Let me know readers, would you try the Laundryheap service?



  1. What a great service, I could use this at times and know a lot of people who would use it as well and it is reasonably priced too

  2. I love the sound of this, who doesn't want a hand with the endless laundry that a family makes?!

  3. This sounds great. I could do with this service in my life. Laundry is just a nightmare.

  4. Sounds like a great service. Love that they iron the clothes too. Shame that they're not located near me.

  5. It sounds like a really good service. I'm sure a number of my friends will find this useful. Good to hear they're in London!

  6. Love this idea, what a great service! Coming back from holiday with LOADS of washing is one of biggest dislikes, especially when you go away in the winter or spring when you cant always put washing outside so it feels like you are catching up on washing forever! I think the price is really fair too and hopefully they will roll out more locations across the UK too!

    1. Let's hope they do Jess! I would love one near me in South Wales.

  7. Laundryheap sounds like a great idea and would be useful for my folks as they always run out of time! Just needs to be nearer us!

  8. This is such a wonderful idea, it can be hard enough keeping on top of family washing at the best of times but when you've come home from holiday or over Christmas etc this service would be so useful

  9. This sounds like an absolutely fantastic resource. It is hard enough to keep on top of the washing with normal day to day life but throw in something like Christmas and how busy the run up gets and it is so easy to fall behind. I'd definitely use this service!

  10. How fab is this. This is perfect for when I come back home from a work trip and don't have time to spare x

  11. This sounds like a great service - I'd definitely utilise it! I often find laundry piling up when life gets super busy.