Reasons To Go On A Caravan Holiday

Caravan holidays are very popular in the UK and rightly so as there are a number of benefits of going on a caravan holiday. Let's find out what some of them are. This post is an advertorial in conjunction with Ropers Caravans and Bailey of Bristol. 

The great outdoors

A caravan holiday places you in the great outdoors and there are many health benefits of being outside. In fact, a study by the University of East Anglia in 2018 revealed that exposure to greenspace reduced the risk of stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and more. So take your caravan and go and explore the great outdoors.

There's a caravan park for everyone

Whether you want a simple caravan park with basic facilities or a more upmarket caravan park with a clubhouse, restaurant, bar and entertainment on site then there is a caravan park for you. Of course, the more facilities on-site the more you pay for a pitch and with many caravans having toilets and showers on board you may only want a simple site but if you want an all singing all dancing caravan park then that option is there. Some even have a swimming pool and kids club! We visited a great holiday park in Dawlish Devon last year run by Cofton Holidays and it was amazing.

It's affordable

Caravan holidays are affordable. Yes, you have to buy the caravan in the first place but once you have the caravan, you only have to pay for petrol and the pitch. You have your holiday home with you and this can save hundreds on a holiday each time when compared to staying in a hotel. This is especially good if you have an older family, so you don't have to pay for more than one hotel room or if you like travelling with friends. You can cook for yourself as well to keep costs down. If you are on a limited budget then why not buy second-hand caravan but go to a reputable dealer like Ropers Caravans for the best deals.

It's flexible

A caravan holiday can be extremely flexible. This is great in the UK as the weather can often affect our plans. This is one of the reasons we often try one of the South Coast holiday parks, as the weather can be sunnier in the south of the UK. If you see that the weather is nice, you can get in your caravan and take a break at short notice. You can be playing football with the kids in a caravan park in no time.

You can take your pets

Caravan holidays are great if you have pets as you can take them with you. This is especially good if you don't have anyone you can leave them with or if they need special care. As well as the emotional aspect of leaving your dog or cat, there is also the cost and organisational aspect of leaving them too.  With a caravan holiday, you don't need to leave your pets as you can take them with you.

It's great if you don't like flying

Caravans are great if you don't like flying but like road trips. You can drive your caravan to the nearest port and go over on the ferry to France and drive up through Europe. Dover, Poole and Portsmouth are the main ferry ports in the UK. So if you don't like flying you can still travel around Europe.

It's great if you don't like change

Caravans are great if you don't like change, especially for those that have learning difficulties, are very young or very old. It's reassuring to be travelling in familiar surroundings. You can stock it up with all the comforts of home, including your kids favourite food and toys and then just drive off to see the world. 

The quality of caravans 

Caravans these days have come a long way since the caravans of old. With facilities such as fridges, hot plates, toilets and showers built-in with some of the top-end caravans you really have your home away from home. For example, the new Jive Titanium caravan exclusive from Yorkshire Ropers Caravans is of an incredibly high standard with luxurious fixtures and fittings, a BBQ point, 4-way burner hob and electric hotplate, alarm, microwave, and solar panel, whilst the Unicorn Black Edition caravan has a complete oven included.

If you are going to buy a caravan it's important to buy from a place you trust. Ropers Caravans is family-run and staffed with knowledgeable friendly people. They have been established for over 30 years and are experts in their field and know what caravanners really need and want. They have a great reputation for helping new starters too. With a huge accessory store and even a cafe on site, you can do no wrong visiting when looking to buy a new or second-hand caravan.

As you can see there are many reasons to go on a caravan holiday. Have you tried a caravan holiday? Would you consider buying a caravan?



  1. I have not been on a caravan holiday for years, they certainly were fun and it means you can go anywhere you want

  2. My husband and I often talk about buying a caravan in the future, it's something we would both love and the possibilities are endless.

  3. We used to go on caravan holidays loads when I was little as it was quite a cheap holiday to go on. I haven't done one for years though x

  4. This is our dream for when we retire. I love the idea of being able to just up and go.

  5. We love wide open spaces and getting away from it all. We go camping quite a lot but never tried caravaning! It looks like fun!

  6. I love a caravan holiday, I remember going on them as a kid and now I take my own kids on at least one a year! We don't have our own caravan (or space to store one lol!) so stay in holiday parks in their caravans and always have such an amazing time!

  7. We have not done much caravan holidaying but have been considering doing it as it is cheaper to travel as a family, did not know there was so many benefits of caravaning.

  8. I love a caravan holiday. We used to holiday in a carvan when I was a child and they were the best holidays I've had. It's amazing the quality of modern caravans.

  9. I love camping and caravaning, undecided on whether or not to purchase a caravan again or go for a motorhome.