Creating A Wow Factor In Your Home

If you have bought a new house or are looking to revamp your current home, you may be looking to create that wow factor in your home decor, but how do you exactly do that? How do you find that brilliant idea or design feature? Well, here I have rounded up some ideas for you on how you can create that well thought out wow factor in your home.

Create the unexpected

When you walk into a room the wow factor is often created when you see something unexpected, so this is the first thing I would consider. Don't be the same if you want to stand out from the crowd - be different. Walk into the bathroom and surprise your guest with a Moroccan vibe, or enter the conservatory and have it crammed with pot plants and flowers so it feels like a jungle!

Get a focal point

In each room consider a focal point. This could be a large fireplace or a sunken bath, a piece of modern art or a chandelier, a huge plant or a feature wall, or impressive shutters or blinds. Create that memorable focal point in each room and people will go wow.

Terrific tiles

Tiles can really add detail and colour to a room, you can even get lost in their pattern. Whether you go for a chic black and white tile, a Portuguese blue, an Arabic geometric pattern or a modern dash of colour, tiles are a cool design feature. So consider tiles to create a different look but one that won't go unnoticed. 

Feature walls

Feature walls can work well, so don't be beige and boring instead go for bright colours or a vinyl wrap around. Custom wall prints by Vinyline Graphics are an excellent way to create an individual feel to the space you are looking to fill. The only restriction is your imagination, perfect for home or a business environment. 

Sometimes less is more

Sometimes less really is more. Large luxurious homes and condos have a large amount of space to artfully place your furniture. Check out the homepage here of one such place, but even if you have a small apartment you can really get that wow factor. Place furniture carefully, instead of cramming the furniture into a room, consider one or two items of furniture aesthetically placed. This works particularly well if you have an amazing view or modern minimalist furniture in the room. In this photo above the view is doing the talking.

Quality is best

Poor quality items do not get a wow. Instead, invest in well made design-led furniture or vintage and antique items that you upcycle and are unique. Different is good and different will give you the wow factor and make a home memorable.

Large-scale lighting

Lighting that wows and is a talking point can really add to a room. Go old school with a large chandelier, or unleash your inner Scandi designer and go for Swedish minimalist light.

So here are some design features that will create a wow factor in your home. Tell me, what do you think of these ideas?

*Collaborative post


  1. I love the colourful tiles, this would be a great addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

  2. Totally agree with you about the feature wall. It can make SUCH a difference and really give a home a wow factor! It also doesn’t cost too much to do either does it?! X