What Is Social Surrogacy?

There’s a special need for surrogacy services specifically for busy women under immense pressure with the demands of a successful career. Social surrogacy offers a chance for these women to still have biological children of their own without interrupting their lives and careers with a life-halting pregnancy. It's a controversial topic, but it's a woman's choice in some countries to do this, let's read on. 

These women who are looking for surrogates typically do not have any medical reasons to use one but they choose to avoid pregnancy due to the demands of a high-profile career or modelling/acting role, where losing the shape of their body or risking a complicated pregnancy could mean losing their job and income. These women include those campaigning for political office where pregnancy could seriously jeopardise the election, professional athletes,  models, actresses and more.  A difficult pregnancy ending in the result of forced bed rest could alter the course of their careers and financial future, making it difficult for them to provide for the family they so desperately wish to build. 

Pregnancy is often unpredictable and while some women have easy pregnancies and end up working right up until their due date, others end up surprisingly bedridden for several months. Some of these women simply never felt the desire to carry a child but always dreamed of having a family of their own. These women so desperately want to build a family without jeopardising their livelihood.

Social surrogacy enables these women to be a large part of the pregnancy since they are able to go with the surrogate to doctor visits where they can see the baby’s heartbeat, watch the baby on ultrasounds, feel the baby kick and overall experience the pregnancy from an outside perspective.

Is Social Surrogacy Legal?

It depends on the country or even specific areas within a country. For example, the United States government allows individual states to determine their own surrogacy rules, the result being that in some states surrogacy, in general, is nearly outlawed, but other states, like California, have some of the most progressive surrogacy laws in the world. 

 “Being located in California means we can treat everyone equally and are welcoming to both couples and individuals no matter their motivation for surrogacy,” says Conceptual Options of San Diego. 

Other countries, like Hong Kong, have national laws on the books requiring the potential mother to prove she is medically incapable of taking a pregnancy to term on her own - effectively outlawing social surrogacy.

Although the topic of surrogacy, in general, is controversial and hotly debated, especially among religious groups, popularity and acceptance is growing around the world. As more and more women join the workforce, it is getting increasingly difficult for those opposing surrogacy to tell women they must choose either career, or children, but not both. As surrogacy becomes more accepted, so do the many various motivations men, women and couples have for surrogacy services - including same-sex couples.

More Information on Social Surrogacy

For more information, you can reach out to a surrogacy agency in your area. If social surrogacy, or surrogacy in general, is not legal where you live, it is common for intended parents to travel for surrogacy services. An experienced surrogacy agency can help explain the cost and processes involved from selecting the surrogate mother, to birth to parental rights.

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