5 Things To Make Life In Old Age Easier

There are many elderly people out there who are still as spritely as ever and still doing all the things they used to but the fact remains that there are many people who find ageing a struggle. Life in old age can be difficult for a number of different reasons - mobility, finances, social isolation and a whole plethora of other things.

Whether you are heading into old age yourself or are caring for a family member or friend, here are five things you can do to make life in old age that little bit easier. This is an ad.

Don’t Change Your Life Completely

You should never have to give up things you enjoy. If you enjoy travelling, continue. You could maybe consider taking your family with you, if you do point them in the direction of how to travel with elderly relatives if you want to talk to them about travelling together but find it difficult. If you enjoy a drink in the pub at the weekend, carry on. Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love of course.

Consider New Mobility Options

Whilst some elderly people may still be steady on their feet, many can suffer from mobility issues. Before it gets too far and too much of a struggle, consider getting some mobility aids installed in the house to help such as the Age UK Mobility stairlifts on offer. Stairlifts are a great way to make your home more accessible and they also cut down your chance of having an accident while using the stairs, such as a trip or a fall.

If you are concerned about trips or falls in the home you may also want to consider investing in a personal alarm system that can get help if you do fall in the home.  These alarms are especially useful if you live alone.

Take Up A Hobby

Many of the elderly are retired and can find their new routine boring so some return to work. However, if returning to work isn’t for you, perhaps consider taking up a new hobby. An allotment is a great idea as it keeps you very busy and also is rewarding with the promise of your own produce. A social club is also a fantastic option. 
 You can also check out https://mstrsktch.com/drawing-for-beginners-guide/ if you would like to try our drawing or sketching, or why not take up yoga, join a choir or make an effort to go swimming on a regular basis?

Keep Active And Eat Well

Obviously, this won’t be as easy for those with mobility issues however keeping active is super important especially as you age. You can still maintain a healthy routine and keep yourself fit and healthy even in old age.

It is also important to eat well, perhaps even more so than the rest of your life. Enjoy plenty of fruit and fresh leafy vegetables and avoid too many saturated fats or unrefined carbohydrates.

Stay Connected

Finally, stay connected with those around you. Some find ageing incredibly difficult and it would be easy for them to shy away from the world and stay indoors, not doing anything. It is vital that you stay connected with your family, your friends and your neighbours whether this is face to face or through phone calls or video calls. A little chat with a loved one can offer such a pick me up when times get tough. Why not buy an Ipad for an elderly relative, they can watch films and play games as well as connect to others via social media?

These are just a few things those heading into old age can do to make their lives that little bit easier. Do you have any top tips for making the inevitable progression a much easier road to go down?



  1. Going on holiday with elderly parents can certainly be a challenge that's for sure! Best to find out what you all want to do and compromise so you are all doing fun things

  2. My mum just loves her laptop, it helps her keep in touch with everyone easily.

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra20 July 2020 at 13:21

    My husband has mobility issues and a stair lift like that would be such a big help for him. Old age is not an easy thing to deal with, especially if you are used to being active. But I know there are many different ways to cope with aging, and we can get the tools and help we need when that time comes.