Classic Little Black Dresses for Every Body Shape

There are two things we love most about little black dresses. Of course, there’s the fact that they’re utterly timeless. Secondly, their specifications are slim – the rules only state that they be little and black. That leaves a lot of room for customisation. Tight waist, no waist, wrap-around – there’s a style to suit every body shape and then some, reaffirming our steadfast belief that you really can never have too many. 

Choosing the right LBD

The most important thing when selecting a little black dress is finding a style that accentuates your best features. Here are some of our favourite little black dress styles to bring out the best in your figure.

Halter dress

Even with their strappy nature, halter dresses aren’t just for summer. In fact, they’re a year-round staple. Halter dresses are all about showing off your shoulders and can work particularly well for women with wider top halves that want to break things up. They’re also fabulous for anyone with a fuller figure, allowing them to show a little skin while keeping the emphasis up top.


A-line dresses scored their name because of their A-shape. They’re cinched at the waist and then taper outwards like the two prongs in the letter A. Because wearing one will draw attention to your middle, they look especially great on women with fuller hips as they start small and flare out with the natural curves of your body. Think of wearing a corset or waist trainer for that tight waist and hourglass figure. 

At the same time, they’re also good for creating the illusion of a waist if you have more of an even figure. Opt for one with some extra detailing to add interest, such as this universally flattering monochrome style from Tu at Sainsbury's.

Wrap dress

The wrap dress is exactly as it sounds – taking the form of a dress that closes at the front by wrapping it around one side of your body and attaching at the waist. The characteristic V-shaped neckline makes it especially flattering for women with fuller busts or an hourglass shape, as this dress style has been known to accentuate your curves.

Shift dress

You can spot a shift dress by the characteristic darts at the bust and the long, even lines that give it a somewhat shapeless shape. Think of the bold-printed frocks from the 1960s, made famous by iconic British model Twiggy.

Shift dresses are especially perfect for women with fuller figures as they tend to fall away from the body while still accentuating your shoulders and legs. They’re also great for petite women as the long lines can help to elongate your figure.

Empire waist

Dresses with an empire waist follow the same general rules of those with an A-line shape, but with the waist hiked up to just below the bust. From there, they extend outwards in a long and loosely-fitting bodice. Empire waists work wonders for defining a waistline, so if you’re sporting a curvier figure this style is sure to work well.

The world of little black dress styles is vast and varied - which style is your favourite?

* collaborative post


  1. Little black dresses are my favourite, I have so many in different styles and they all look so differently. it's such a staple piece, every girl should have at least one in the wardrobe! xoxo

  2. I have a few black dresses, like all of my wardrobe but I wouldn't say any are overluy classic looking x

  3. I'm a skater/midi kind of dress girl. And who doesn't love a little black dress?!

    1. Skater dresses are so cute and the skim your curves.

  4. I think every wardrobe needs a classic LBD and I have quite a few in different shapes and different cuts x

  5. Every woman needs a little black dress. You cannot go wrong! Simple and classic. I love the shift dress in your post. It looks so lovely!

  6. I have an LBD that I wear over and over again and somehow it never bores me!! Great post, love the dresses

  7. Fab post. Every woman needs a few pairs of black dresses in her wardrobe.

  8. You really cannot beat a little black dress! I have them in all shapes and cannot wait to get back into them once baby is born. I have had my eye on a French Connection Maternity dress which is the perfect LBD for dressing a bump!

  9. I just got a beautiful wrap around halterneck ruched assymetric LBD (what a mouthful) and it is gorgeous. So many ways to Ju ju it up!