5 Fitness Must Haves You Need Today

There are so many gadgets you can buy on your fitness journey that you may be overwhelmed. But which items are really worth getting especially if you are new to fitness? Is it a smart fitness tracker, pull up bands or something else? Let's have a look at 5 must-haves in fitness that you need today.

Large capacity water bottle

Water is so important to human health, helping your brain function, regulating your body temperature and more. Water can also help you feel full and sometimes we eat when really we are thirsty. When we exercise we perspire and lose water through sweat, so it's essential to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. This is when a large capacity water bottle is of use. Buy one today, fill it up and take it with you when you exercise so you won't become dehydrated and you'll have more energy.

A smart fitness tracker

If you are starting your fitness journey, a smart fitness tracker can help you keep tabs on how you are doing. Most will monitor your steps and calories burned as well as monitoring your sleep and some will tell you when you have messages on social media or SMS messages as well. They don't have to be expensive either. The one above costs only £32 and is in a cool pink but other colours are available too. Another way of tracking your fitness is with a fitness app.

A versatile skipping rope
You don't have to have expensive gym equipment to get fit. Go old school and buy a skipping rope to help you keep fit. Skipping improves cardiovascular fitness, stamina, coordination, agility and leg strength as well as helping you burn a vast amount of calories when you skip fast. A skipping rope is cheap to buy and a great little investment in your fitness journey
 as well as exercise resistance bands set for resistance training. 

A sports arm bag 

If you are into running, walking, cycling or like to visit the gym, a sports arm bag may be a good idea. You pop your iPod or phone into the bag, attach it to your arm and you can listen to music as you exercise. Some will have a space for your debit card and some change too and most are waterproof.  A very useful addition to your fitness must-haves and reasonably priced too.

A balance board

You may not have thought about a balance board as a fitness must-have but they are a great addition to your fitness equipment. A balance board is suitable for everyone from kids to people who want to improve their coordination and balance like patients after surgery. Check out this 360-degree balance board that lets your whole body move as you balance.

Check out more ideas for beauty and fitness must-haves and let me know what you think about my ideas. Do you have a fitness must-have that you own?

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