Things To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair treatment is one of the permanent options where you get rid of body hair. Though waxing, tweezing, shaving are some options that people try, laser treatment has gradually garnered attention all over the work. Before undergoing the treatment under laser hair removal specialists, here are a few things that you should know.

The process is not that painful

During the treatment, the skin gets exposed to the light of the laser, which damages the follicles and hair bulb. Generally, you will feel a quick, sharp pain especially on the thinner skin areas like, the neck, chin, forehead and more. However, some treatments offer a cooling mechanism which helps a lot to combat the pain.

Do not go out in the sun

You need to pay attention to your dermatologist’s advice when she or he asks you to stay away from sun exposure right after the treatment. Also, if you have recently tanned your skin, you need to wait till you return to your original complexion before getting the treatment. Plan your holiday wisely so that you do not miss the appointments.

You need more than one treatment

You need at least eight or twelve treatments to see the final results. If you are thinking that a single treatment under laser hair removal specialists will get rid of all your body hair, you are wrong! Your hair follicles are at various growing stages and hence, you need to visit your doctor regularly to eliminate all the follicles.

It comes with more than one benefit

Laser hair removal process indeed has more than one benefit. It helps to get rid of ingrown hair besides aiding you to get a clearer and smoother skin. This treatment makes hair grow straight which reduces irritation caused on the skin.

You will face swollen skin afterwards

After the process ends, your skin tends to swell. However, do not panic because it shows that your treatment is successful. You can also expect stinging, itching and redness for the next two days, but usually, the signs go after a few hours. If the symptoms stay, you can reach your doctor for immediate help.

Be honest with your dermatologist

If you are looking forward to getting the best result, you should be honest with him/her. Tell me if you are under medication or faced any allergic reactions recently. This will help him/her to understand your skin and advice treatment that is suitable for you.

The results may vary

You should know that the hair follicles present in the bikini area and armpits can be completely cleared after five or six appointments. However, hair follicles present on the face, arms and thighs may take longer visits because they are thin and difficult to remove.

These are a few tidbits that you should know before opting for the laser treatment under laser hair removal specialists. Make sure that you pay a visit to a renowned and reputed dermatologist of your area so that you have peace of mind during the whole process.

*Article Contributed by Austin K

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