Summer Bedroom Design Inspiration For You

Most of us spend many hours in our home. In fact, we have probably spent more hours there recently due to the situation in the world where many countries were in lockdown. If you have, then you may realise, staring at those four walls, that your home needs some design inspiration.  This is an ad.

I mean have you looked at your bedroom recently, I mean really looked at it? We spend many hours in there sleeping, relaxing and watching TV.  Is it looking a bit scruffy? Does your bedroom need a lick of paint or a new duvet? Maybe you need some new bedroom furniture. Well, I'm here to help. Let's have a look at some bedroom inspiration this summer for your home.

Nature-inspired decor

Nature-inspired decor which is focused on earthy tones, imperfect walls and floral designs dotted with plants is hot for this summer. You can be over the top in the flamboyance with this, or go subtle with clean chic lines, it's up to you. Whatever you decide, focus on the calming aspect of this look, you don't want it to be too fussy as you have to sleep in this room, don't you?

Eco-friendly designs

Eco-friendly designs are great for the environment and can fit into almost any bedroom decor but especially the nature-inspired look. Use upcycled furniture and rugs, reclaimed or sustainable wood, organic mattress and bedding and energy-efficient light bulbs. Plants again are a great idea to bring oxygen to a room and change the energy. There are so many eco-friendly furniture and furnishings available today, that you may be surprised!

Hotel designed boudoirs

With most of us not travelling at the moment then why not think about recreating that hotel bedroom experience at home? Do away with the old bedding and instead buy some new crisp sheets with a high thread count. Ensure everything is coordinated seamlessly. Bring that seaside look to your home with blues and greens. It's the finishing touches that matter in a hotel room so be sure to have those cushions, the clock radio and feature wall. You could even make a welcome tray with a kettle, china and your favourite tea, coffee and biscuits. It's those little touches that make it a hotel experience.

Streamlining Bedroom Storage

To maintain your luxury bedroom feel you should also consider, getting rid of any unwanted clutter and mess. Now, you can go wild and purge before having a spending splurge and investing in new stylish made to measure wardrobes, or storage and soft furnishings.

A little hint of chic with some imaginative designs and storage can really, help you create a bedroom they transport you to far off destinations, without all of the hassles of travelling - if only you could.

You could even weave your bedroom’s theme into your bedroom storage, try not to have too many items of furniture in your bedroom. Taking a minimalist approach and going for less is more, rather than having lots of unnecessary things that serve no purpose.

If you are a little unsure, buy a few magazines, or do a little research on the internet, there is no harm in looking after all. While you’re at home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you could have a little time to spend designing your dream bedroom and creating your plan on paper or your computer.

Taking this approach may save you time and money when it comes to creating your rooms look, it can also help get you creative, energised and ready to make a hotel-style bedroom to dream about future holidays.

Lovely luxe furnishings

We all want some luxury in our lives and following on from the lack of hotel stays on our lives at the moment, one of the trends this summer as mentioned previously is for a boudoir where we can relax in luxury. Large scale headboards or divans in a soft suede fabric like a soft suede grey divan bed will add drama and luxury to the room. A proper dressing table with a padded stool can add some French shabby chic. Buy the best bedding you can afford, get touchable soft furnishing and be sure to iron the sheets for that pristine luxury look.

So I hope I have given you some summer bedroom design inspiration. Let me know what you think of these looks. Does your bedroom need a makeover? Let me know.



  1. I am loving the ideas here, we are looking at decorating our daughters bedroom and loving some of these ideas

  2. Love these ideas and different styles. My favourite one is eco friendly designs I especially love upcycled furniture and being kinder to the environment is always a bonus.

  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra16 July 2020 at 10:33

    I love the nature inspired decor (first photo). I love the wood furniture and the natural light coming into the bedroom. The minimalist design of the furniture makes the room look bigger.

  4. Theres some lovely ideas here, we are going through a grey faze so we have recently been doing things centre-red around grey.

  5. Some fabulous ideas here. If I had to choose a favourite it’d be the ‘Hotel’ bedroom but maybe that is just because I feel the need to travel.

  6. Our new bedroom is currently having a make over as we speak and I'm so excited to make it a more tranquil place. At the moment we do loads of things in the room it's not just a place of sleep and I want that to change so it becomes a more relaxing space x

  7. Like this ideas! My favourite one would be the nature inspired decorations as I am a big fan of nature!

  8. I've been wanting to redo my bedroom for summer so you have definitely been given some design inspiration! Love nature as a theme.

  9. Oh wow there is some lovely summer bedroom inspiration here for sure...Love the last blue look x