Photostick - The Best Device For Photo Backups And More

Nowadays, it is necessary to back up your hard drive regularly as it would help in saving your files to an external hard drive. If you have a habit of forgetting a back up of your systems, then you should buy a Photo Stick without any second thought. It is a genuine and trustworthy tool for those who always forget to back up their computers.

You can even plug into a USB port and set up reminders. It lets you know when you should back up your PC. This device can automatically backup and scan those vital files on a date that you pick too.

What Is A Photo Stick?

As per some real customer reviews, it has been proven that a Photo Stick is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to decrease the risk of losing their videos and pictures. If you are like most of the users, your PC probably has copies of family photos and videos that you took on several occasions and vacations for sure. Why not back them up on a Photo Stick?

You should note that the cost of searching for files on a damaged or fried hard drive is very high. In this type of situation, you can buy a Photo Stick and back up your files easily without paying a higher amount. It works automatically and you do not have to do anything manually. It is perfect for those with less technical experience.

How Does A PhotoStick work?

The Photo Stick works fast and smoothly without creating any issues for the users. It would be better for you to note that depending on the number of files on your hard drive and the size of your computer, a deep and full scan will take only 60 seconds of yours to run.

If you have lost your videos and pictures and want it back on your computer, then a Photo Stick is helpful for sure. You can also use it for searching your music files and documents. It helps in creating a backup of your vital files which you can then access on various other devices. As long as you are carrying a USB port, you can use PhotoStick without any hassle.

How Many Photos Can You Save?

As a user of this device, you would be able to store up to 3,500 photos on 8 GB of storage. To store up to 30,000 photos, you can go for the 64 GB of storage. You can also select Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model available in the market for users all around the world. It offers 128 GB of storage space and holds an impressive 60,000 photos. Obviously, it does depend on the file size of each photo though.


A Photo Stick is a reliable and trustworthy device for the back up your vital videos, photos and documents on your computer. It has built-in software that does all the hard work for you. It would search all your files on your PC and move those files to its internal memory.

This device works best on photos and videos and is fully compatible with most formats and extensions, but it can even back up documents and music files too. It is available online at an affordable price and you can get it easily.

*Written by Jack Edwards

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