Why Writing Skills Are Important

Learning how to write effectively is important. Writing is a prime form of communication in all walks of life and good writing skills will help you communicate your message to your audience.

Firstly you need to think of your audience when writing anything and the situation you are writing for (formal or informal). Once you know your target audience and the situation you can tailor your writing accordingly.

Let's have a look at why writing skills are important.

Writing for business

When you are writing for business situations, you need to be formal in your approach. Use clear concise language to get your message across. Be direct, think before you write and avoid jargon.

Emails and letters should be formal if you do not know the recipient, with a formal start and ending, for example, use Dear Mr or Dear Ms and their name at the beginning of the email. If you become familiar with the recipient in the future, a less formal approach can be used. Your business details such as your company's address, phone number and website should be clearly stated so that you can be easily contacted if needed. 

Writing an advert, or flyer requires a different skill set. You need to sell your business whilst using limited text and photos. Use your logo or business name, include a call to action by communicating why people should use your business and use visual elements to support the message. Always include your location and contact details so your audience can contact you and know where to find you. Another method you can use to produce an effective business advertisement is to leverage the power of paraphrasing tools. These can be used to create succinct but adequately detailed descriptions that can aid in drawing customers in.

Writing a C.V.

Writing a C.V. is a specific skill that needs to be practised. There are specific details you need on your C.V. such as your contact details, your education, your achievements and your work experience. You should always write a covering letter to go with your C.V. when applying for jobs that address why you are the best person for the job. 

There are many websites with C.V. templates but if you use one be sure to personalise it as much as possible. The C.V. should stand out, be presented excellently, have no spelling mistakes but also be concise. I shouldn't have to say this, but it's very important not to lie on your C.V, exaggerated claims or lies have a habit of coming back to haunt you!

Writing for study situations

Hallie Walden Bagley

Many colleges these days will ask for a personal statement from you, and it's worth seeking expert help to make your college admission stand out from people with experience like Hallie Walden Bagley.

Once you have a coveted place at college or university you need to learn different writing skills, such as writing when making notes, brainstorming, writing skills for revision and writing essays with academic referencing. You should have sessions on writing a dissertation or thesis as this is often a very important part of your final year in university.

Writing at home

Writing at home is generally a less formal event. With technology being at the heart of everything we do today then most people write regular text messages and emails where informal language is used. There is still the need for a basic knowledge of how to write a formal letter, however. This can be a very effective way of complaining, for example, and can result in your complaint being listened to and compensation may result. If you are writing a complaint letter, be sure to state your complaint and how it can be addressed. 

As you can see writing skills are very important. Everyone needs a basic grasp of the English language to communicate effectively with the written word. If your written English needs to be improved there are courses both online and offline that can help you and it's worth seeking them out.

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