6 Tips On How To Organise Kids’ Clothing

Children tend to leave their stuff everywhere and if you don't get them into the habit of organising their things when they are young then it will be more difficult as they get older. That’s why it’s important to instil in children the habit of organising.  This is an advertorial.

Keeping the kids and their stuff organised may seem like a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. Like any process, do it one step at a time and the closet is a good place to start. Here are a few tips to help you get your kids into the organising habit and tidy up their clothes.

Make It A Family Activity

Nothing can make things more interesting for a child than doing things with other people. Make tidying up a fun activity he or she can do with you or their siblings. 

Pair up or assign groups on different tasks to complete. This not only cuts down the time spent but also becomes a great bonding moment for the family. Before you know it, everything is back where it should be.

Start With A Clean Slate

Take everything out of the closet so you know exactly what you will be dealing with and how much space you have. This can also be a perfect opportunity to think of what goes where.

Tip: while taking things out of the closet, make sure to have a box or a caddy where the kids can put toys and other things that do not belong in their closet.

Create A Donate Pile And A Sale Pile

Of course, cleaning the closet is also the best time to get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Make two separate piles: one for donations and the other to sell.

You can set up an online shop for preloved clothes or other items that you can sell after a declutter session at home. There are a lot of online platforms to easily do this. As kids grow quickly, many parents will find your items a money saver that's for sure, and with that, organising the closet can also be profitable for you.

Divide Items Into Categories

Now that you’ve finalised what stays and what goes, it’s time to divide them into different categories. Keep everyday clothes in easy-to-reach places. Lay shoes neatly on the floor or on fun shelves where the kids can see them. This will be easier for kids to pick which shoe goes with their outfit.

Keep off-season clothing at the back, and rotate them when the weather changes or at the start of a new season. Store undies and socks in separate areas to keep everything organised.

Play Games

The truth is, kids may not always find organising fun. Keep things exciting and interesting by making each activity a game. This method can help develop children’s organisation skills while keeping the house tidy. It can be as simple as a game of who finishes a task first. Make each task a “mission” that they can accomplish and get rewarded for once completed.

Set Aside Time Savers

Got a preschooler? Save some time, and set aside clothes for school in a separate area where the kids can easily reach them. This will make preparing for school faster and easier. Make sure to ask your kids which clothes they want so they’ll still feel comfortable wearing them.

Tip: if using drawers, group clothes into outfits, and fold them together. You can also make this a weekly “mission” they can do during the weekend so they can prepare for the upcoming school week, so saving time in the morning.


Ask for their help in decorating to make the space truly their own. Hang drawings on the door, or put stickers that can act as labels on different drawers. 
Custom-made hang tags can help your children identify what should go in each drawer.

You can also install a whiteboard where the kids can draw different pictures or leave notes when they want to. There are plenty of closet decorating ideas that the kids will love, check out Pinterest for inspiration!

In the end, keeping the kids’ closets neat and tidy is a continual process for both parents and children. Start building the habit at a young age, and eventually, tidying up will become a no-brainer for each member of the family.


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