Interior Inspiration For Child And Baby Rooms

Whether you’ve got a new arrival on the way, or your child’s room simply needs some major redecoration, you need the right inspiration to create something that is not only appealing to a child but something to fit in with the theme of your home, too.

However, choosing the right style and products can be difficult, and the budget is usually a big issue for many of us. No matter how old or young your child is, or even what their interests are, it’s simple to create something that everyone loves with the right inspiration the right budget. 

Go subtle

A child’s bedroom doesn’t need to be loud and in your face, no matter how much your little ones might disagree! Subtle colours and patterns can go so much further and also give a much more modern feel to fit in with the rest of your home’s decor. Choosing a couple of colours and varying these shades can create a calm haven for your children to learn and play in. You can always add a couple of wall stickers for the fun aspect.

Add quirky furniture

To make a room look and feel like a child’s room, the furniture can really make all the difference. If you have a young child, there are many new and different furniture choices for practicality and style. For example, a cabin bed with drawers is modern yet perfect for storage, and high sleeper beds can create an extra study or play space underneath. 

Patterned walls

For a child’s or baby’s bedroom, patterned wallpaper creates a unique look, and with the right colours, it can create the perfect balance of fun and calmness. There are so many different styles you could choose from, whether you like the look of more striking patterns or think that less is more. Look online and check out sites like Pinterest for more inspiration.

Stay neutral

Especially for baby’s rooms, or when you’re creating a nursery in advance of giving birth, neutral decor and furniture is a common theme. This is especially true if you’ll be getting a surprise in the delivery room! However, if you know the gender of your child before you give birth, decorating with delicate shades of blue or green, and pink or yellow can really set the tone.

Feature walls

For a little extra personalisation, to your child or a theme, a feature wall is a great way to keep things stylish and fun. Simply applying wallpaper to the main wall in your room instantly draws the eye and will be a great talking point for any visitors. Instead of using wallpaper for your feature wall, you could also create a gallery of important images or even make shelves for all those favourite toys to live! Large wall murals are fun too. If you or your partner is artistic why not paint a Disney mural?

Make the most of your space

Whether you have a large or small space to work with, there is always a way to create a fun, cosy space for your children. Again, it’s a great idea to look online for inspiration, but investing in smart storage, lighting and furniture will give you more room to work with. Minimal decor and even placing a mirror on a wall can help to create the illusion that you have a bigger room than you actually have.

Use this inspiration to create a child or baby room to be proud of.

If you’re looking to redecorate a child’s room or nursery, keep this inspiration in mind. You’ll have a space your child loves to be in and looks great in no time. What do you keep in mind when you redecorate your child’s bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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