5 Ways To Kill Time While Travelling

The mere concept of travelling brings to mind incredible sights, sounds, and ideas. We imagine ourselves walking through local markets, delighting at the array of offerings; visiting ancient sites; marvelling at sunsets over the ocean - essentially, we imagine a highlight reel of all the best moments. 

All of the aforementioned moments happen, of course; that’s why we travel, and why exploring the world will always be hugely enjoyable. However, there is one aspect of travel that tends to be overlooked: the waiting.

No matter how perfectly-planned an itinerary is, any travel experience will always have time gaps. Whether it’s a bus journey to a historical site or waiting for a connection, these pockets of time must be filled - and here are a few ideas for how to do that productively. T
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#1 - Catch up with life back home 

A long wait provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on your home-life admin. You could, for example, use the time to check your bank account, make sure payments have gone out as anticipated, glance through your work email, chat with friends and anything else that you may otherwise struggle to find time for. You can then arrive safe in the knowledge that all is well on the home front, so you’re free to enjoy every moment of your time away. 

#2 - Play brain training games 

You can, of course, play any kind of game on your phone or mobile device, but brain training games are definitely the best choice if you’re hoping to use the time as productively as possible. Brain training is purported to improve mental clarity and enhance cognitive function, with apps such as Peak and Lumosity receiving positive reviews from users. Try downloading a few apps before you leave so you can find which suits you, and you’ll be all set for a brain-boosting few hours the next time you’re facing a long wait. 

#3 - Nap 

Sleep can often feel like a waste of time when you’re travelling; after all, every moment spent catching Zs is time you’re not spending soaking up all your destination has to offer. As a result, it’s far from unusual for travellers to build up a sleep debt while away; making inroads into this debt is definitely a great use of delays. A sleep mask, neck support pillow, and an alarm on your phone should be all you need to catch up on lost sleep.

#4 - Exercise

No one wants to visit a gym while travelling, but exercise is an important aspect of health, so exercising during long waits is the perfect compromise: you can exercise without losing time you’d rather spend immersing yourself in your destination. If you’re waiting at an airport or bus terminal, walking is usually the best choice; carrying your bags with you for extra “strength training” as you pace around. If seated for a long journey, you can tense and relaxing major muscle groups, or try exercises designed for commuters, as the same principle - people spending a long time in a vehicle - applies.

#5 - Study towards an online course

Wifi provision is common on most modes of transport these days, so studying towards an online course when you’re on the move is definitely viable. There are countless options for online classes, so you’re sure to find one that suits you, and can look forward to the opportunity to deepen your understanding - and earn a new qualification that could boost your career. Now that’s a great way to transform lost time into something productive!

The above five ideas can help to ensure that long waits are used as productively and effectively as possible.  What do you think? Do you have ways to kill time while travelling?



  1. I work on the go if I can, with technology these days it's easy to do. I also catch up with my favourite shows on my Ipad

  2. I always have my Kindle with me, so I can read or play a game or even watch something ive downloaded to kill a bit of time x

  3. Reading for me is the key. I love to use travel time to catch up on a novel.