Three Gemstones That Are As Beautiful As Diamonds

When we think of gemstones, we often think of diamonds but there are many gemstones that are equally as beautiful. Prized for their use in jewellery, gemstones come in many colours and have a natural beauty whether they are used unpolished or whether they are cut, shaped and polished for use. Let's have a look at three gemstones that are as beautiful as diamonds and their properties. This is an advertorial.


Emeralds are a beautiful gemstone. Loved for their green emerald colour, this popular gemstone is a variety of the mineral beryl. Beryl scored 7.5 to 8 on the MOH's hardness scale making emeralds a hard tone but not as hard as diamond. Emeralds are used in a variety of jewellery including emerald rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The natural inclusions in emeralds are often oiled to fill in some marks so you can't see them with the naked eye.  This can improve the colour too. Natural emeralds with no inclusions are extremely rare and very expensive. 

Emeralds are thought to have healing properties, and is the stone of wisdom, thought to nurture love.  Emerald is the birthstone of May and is the stone for a 55th wedding anniversary. 


Rubies are a stunning gemstone. Adored for the rich red colour, the ruby gemstone is from the corundum family of minerals. Rubies are a hard stone scoring 9 out of 10 on the MOH's hardness scale. This makes them a good stone for rings especially but also for a variety of jewellery. 

Rubies are often heat-treated to improve their appearance, the clarity and colour and some can be glass filled. You should presume a ruby is treated when you buy it. Rubies are rare and rich red rubies of high quality are expensive.

Ruby is thought to protect against negative energy and helps to recharge your energy level. It's also thought to encourage sensuality. Ruby is the birthstone of July and is a popular gift for a 40th wedding anniversary.


Almost everyone loves aquamarine. This light blue coloured gemstone is also from the beryl family of minerals. It's a popular stone for both young and old and is a great alternative to a diamond in an engagement ring as it's a more affordable gemstone. It scores 7.5 to 8 on the MOH's hardness scale.

Most of the aquamarine you can buy are heat-treated to improve the colour and clarity.  Aquamarine is cheaper than emerald and ruby but no less as beautiful. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and is thought to protect one's wellbeing, as well as being a stone that calms, reduces stress and is soothing. 

As you can see these three stunning gemstones are as beautiful as diamonds. If you enjoyed reading about gemstones, check out the website Learning Jewelry, an online resource for learning about jewellery. Let me know, do you have a favourite gemstone? Do you covet an item of jewellery made with a precious gemstone? 



  1. I love aquamarine. Such a beautiful stone. I have an aquamarine ring which means so much to me