9 Ways To Do Your Own Private Lettings Viewings

Landlords when letting out a property, need to decide between getting a letting agent or organising the letting themselves through a private letting.  This is an advertorial in collaboration with Rent Round.

Of course, getting a letting agent will potentially mean reducing rental profits because of letting agent fees. If this is a landlords desired route, letting agent fees should be compared to ensure a good deal. 

Alternately, you may be considering adopting an online letting agent. In return for the lower letting fees these types of agents usually offer, you also may need to conduct your own viewings as well.

If choosing the route of a private letting, you’ll need to run all activities of the rental property yourself. This includes conducting your own viewings with potential tenants.

With both these options, the thought of conducting viewings yourself can be daunting. You’ll need to be able to answer tough questions, sell the properties good point & cover any negative points about the property.

A good viewing technique will help maximize interest in the property & the speed in which its let out.

Here are 9 ways to do your own rental viewings, read on to find out the top tips.

1. Show the best room first to potential tenants 

First impressions are very important, when showing a potential tenant your property it’s best to show the best room first. By doing this potential tenants begin to create a positive image of the house and start the viewing on a positive note.

Also by doing this, it may compensate for some of the less attractive rooms that the viewers will see. If people have fallen in love with the house already, it is easier for them to overlook any negatives.

An advantage of private lettings is that you know the great parts of your property. Therefore you can show the viewers the best features of the property first as you know your house the best.

2. Appearance is everything

Making your house presentable is key when showing it to potential tenants There are a number of small things you can do to ensure your house is in the best possible position.

For example tidying up, touching up paint on the walls, make any repairs, tidying the garden, cleaning the driveway and even lighting candles before tenants arrive. These small things make your home more inviting.

3. Make tenants feel at home

You want your viewers to picture themselves living in your property when they’re looking around. The more at home they feel the more likely they are to put in an offer.

Small things like making sure the house warm or offering them a tea or coffee will straight away make them feel comfortable in the property.

4. Create a warm welcome

It’s important to create a good impression; as soon as the tenant arrives to when they leave, they’re judging your property.

When carrying out private lettings you should create a warm and friendly welcome, as this will make them feel comfortable straight away. You should smile, introduce yourself and relax to ensure a warm welcome.

5. Privacy during viewings 

As mentioned previously, it’s crucial that potential tenants feel comfortable during viewings. You need to make sure you give them space as they wouldn’t want you shadowing their every move.

The best way to do this is to introduce the potential tenants to the main parts of the house and then encourage them to look around themselves, to privately discuss their thoughts.

6. Mention positives of the rental property

Don’t be shy about pointing out the good points of your home especially with private lettings. You know the property a lot better than a letting agent.

People tend to be shy about mentioning the positives as they don’t want to come across as boasting However when it’s done correctly, it can be very effective and help push a potential tenant to want to move in.

Do you have a higher than average grade security on your front door? Does your property have underfloor heating? Does the property have a garage attached?  This is simply pointing out small features of the house that you like the best and it doesn’t come across as forceful.

7. Don’t over-exaggerate the property 

You need to be truthful with the viewers. Of course, if you have fantastic features, such as a newly fitted kitchen, then sell those features, however, if you’re asked about a certain feature that you don’t have, suggest a way you could work together to meet the needs of a tenant.

For example, if the tenant wants something specific, mention you are willing to accommodate additional requirements & what you’d need in return, i.e. possibly increasing the rent etc.

8. Expect a little criticism from tenants

Don’t take it personally if someone wants to change the house, everyone has their own opinion. You must be open to accommodating the tenants own ideas. This can be through helping them figure out how they will make your house their own.

With private lettings, you must remember that you are there to sell and do not hold onto emotion.

9. Questions for the landlord 

Always try to answer questions the best as you can. If you can’t answer it then promise to get back to them as soon as you can. When viewers ask lots of questions, it shows they are interested. Never get annoyed if they are asking questions as it could lead to an offer being put in.

At the end of the viewing make sure that they don’t have any more questions. Also, let them know they can contact you at any time if they have any other enquiries.

Overall the more you know about your property, the better the private letting will go. Use these key tips to help ensure your property is presented as best as possible to help your property rent out.



  1. I feel like criticism in these situations is always taken with a bit harshly but it is completely to be expected. Great read.

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