Packing Tips For Moving House

Moving house is exciting but it can also be a stressful experience. Moving house can be a transition in life and combined with the packing stress, it's one event that can send your blood pressure soaring. So let's have a look at some packing tips for moving house that will mean you will get to your new house relaxed and refreshed as possible and ready to make your new house your home. 

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Get organised

Organisation is key when moving home and packing, so make a list, or many lists and check them more than once. 

Make a list of what you need to move like boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and labelling. You may be able to buy this from a moving company if you are using them or try Amazon. 

You also need a list of who you need to inform when you leave your home and who you need to inform when you move in and a list of local services and takeaways in your new area. When you get to your new address you will be pleased to have your local takeaway number and a number of the local plumber.

First steps

When you move into your new home the essential things need to be sorted straight away, like somewhere to sit, somewhere to sleep and something to eat and drink. So make sure these areas are addressed. 

For your bedroom and lounge, you should ensure your sofa and bed is easy to move into your home first, and if you have to dismantle your bed make sure to keep all the parts and screws together and the mattress covered in a dust sheet.

Pack a box which is last in the moving van or kept with you in your car which will contain a kettle, UHT milk, tea, coffee, sugar, or squash and some snacks. You want this easily accessible when you get to your new address.

Also pack a suitcase with your immediately needed clothes, chargers and laptops. It helps that this is a suitcase that is easily identified so you can get out what you need straight away with as less fuss as possible. If you have kids, get them to pack one for themselves with their toys, clothes and other essentials.

Label, label, label

Label the boxes with each room and what is in the box. This may seem like it is time-consuming but it will help you immensely when you are unpacking. It can help the movers (or you) move the box to the correct room saving time and effort.

It's also important to label on the box any fragile items, sharps like knives or toxic materials like bleach and household cleaners. Moving companies may refuse to transport half-empty containers of hazardous substances, so think about disposing of these safely or giving them to someone you know to use.

Packaging and protection

It helps if you have original boxes to move large or awkward items like TVs but if not be sure to wrap well as you don't want to get any items damaged. Towels and duvets can be used for extra protection if needed.

Valuable and small items like jewellery need that extra protection too. Why not allocate a family member to look after these items, and be responsible for them so they get that extra looking after? If you are moving antiques and highly valuable items check that your insurance covers these, you may want extra insurance.

Sort through any paperwork you have before you move and then ensure all your essential documentation is accessible in one place, like your birth certificates,  whether that is a folder, filing cabinet or storage box.  Again be sure you know where this information is. 

Some moving companies will not move plants so think about how you are going to move these. Can a friend help you with this? Plants need to be kept watered and protected from extremes of temperature. 

Tools need to be cleaned and stored in a toolbox safely, and sharp items like saws are protected well in appropriate storage containers. 

When you get there

Unpack the box with the kettle, tea and coffee. Put on the kettle, sit on the sofa you moved into your home first, make a cup of tea and relax. You've made it to your new home!


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