2020 Bedroom Interior Trend Predictions

So it's 2020 and you are looking to refresh your bedroom with the latest fabrics, colours and designs, but where do you start? Well,, I am here to help you. I've been analysing the latest interior trends from a variety of online sources and magazines and have come up with my interior trend predictions for bedrooms this year. Read on to find out more. This is an advertorial.


Colour trends this year seem to be a mix of bold and with warm neutrals as a base. Bedroom colours are definitely more adventurous too. Ideal Home magazine suggests to stay away from cool colours and focus on warm neutrals like oatmeal and beige. Mix it in with block colours like royal blue or ruby. Add some metallics for a touch of glamour to make your bedroom really rock. Your bedroom will no longer be boring, it will be a beautiful bodacious boudoir instead. 


In 2019 the environment has never been far from people's thoughts and people are constantly looking for more eco-friendly home products. Many of the designer fairs are showcasing new products and brands that use reclaimed wood, bamboo products, organic cotton, recycled feather and down duvets. There are even hollow fibre duvets made from recycled PET bottles, how amazing is that. 2020 will focus on the environment more and as these products become more popular prices will come down too. So it's a win for the environment and a win for your pocket.

Soft materials

Hygge, the Danish word meaning cosy and content, is still a trend. Soft materials to make your bedroom cosy are always sort after, think distressed velvet, warm cashmere, strokable chenille, super soft bamboo materials and breathable organic cotton.  In bed designs, softness comes from upholstered bed frames and chenille scroll beds, adding extra glamour and a modern luxe look.  Nothing is hard, everything is soft and cosy, perfect for cuddling up with a loved one or even your pet dog or cat.


As you can see throughout this point I have talked about glamorous bedrooms. This is a trend inspired by the 1920s and the art deco era. Art deco rounded shapes influence bedroom furniture. Opulent fabrics are everywhere.  Rich tones such as opulent ochre, burnished gold, and dusty pink are the colours to get excited by this year.  Why not decorate your bedroom for Valentine's day in these colours and celebrate with your loved one? You know you want to.


Glass and reflective materials add light to bedrooms. Metallics materials add reflective glamour too. Rose gold tones will be everywhere as well as copper and gold. Accessorise your room with a dressing table complete with an art deco style mirror, gilt lined long length mirrors, crystal bowls to hold your trinkets, sparkly glass pendants and twinkling chandelier lights. 

So this is my 2020 bedroom interior trend predictions. What do you think of these trends? Do you like the art deco influences, what about the bold rich colours or do you prefer muted tones calm tones?



  1. I love the glam look, chandeliers all the way!

  2. Love the sustainability section. So very true! Excellent post, very helpful.

    1. I was going to say it's a big trend, but it's a way of life these days.

  3. What beautiful bedrooms, they all look gorgeous.I like the bright and airy look best.

    1. Airy is always good, bright and bold is how it will be this year

  4. These are great ideas. A great way to bring life in to any bedroom.

    John M