Why Businesses Should Use a Multifunctional Printer

Whether you run a big company or a small business, expenses are something a business owner needs to keep a close eye on. Reducing your expenses can take time and may require trying out new systems and technology in order to help your business run more efficiently.

A great place to start is by carefully assessing your printing and copying devices. Where could you make improvements? Perhaps your business would benefit from a multifunctional device - This is a useful piece of office equipment, which combines a printer, copier and scanner into one convenient machine. Read on to learn more about the advantages of a multifunction printer (MFP) and why your business should consider using one…

MFPs are Convenient 

One of the biggest advantages of a multifunction printer is that they are so convenient to use. Documents can be printed, copied and scanned in one place, without having to use several machines. An MFP is also space saving as you do not have to find space for multiple devices in the office.

MFPs are Cost-efficient

As well as not having to purchase separate devices for each task, MFPs are cost-efficient in the long run, because you only have the running and maintenance costs of a single machine. Other than HP M277dw printer cartridges, or whatever cartridges you need, you really won't need to buy anything else. In addition, most MFPs have a very low cost per page rate and offer accounting features that let you restrict printer use or allow default settings, such as double-sided printing to reduce your costs.

MFPs are Smart

Most modern MFPs allow you to connect your printer with either your smartphone or tablet for wireless and cloud printing. This means you can print important documents, even when you are out of the office. In addition, every document that you copy, scan or fax using your MFP can be directly sent to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Some models also allow users to check and send emails directly from the machine.

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