Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Kids

Are you all sorted when it comes to your winter wardrobe? How about winter clothing for your children? If you aren’t quite prepared just yet, this handy guide will tell you exactly what you need for their winter wardrobe. Read on to find out more.

A warm coat

With so many fun activities taking place outside in the winter such as Bonfire Night and carol singing, a warm coat is of major importance. It will be an item of clothing worn day in, day out throughout the winter, to school and out of school, so you want to make sure that it is good quality and will last this winter and others as well.

Some cosy gloves

Whilst the weather has been a little bit strange recently, going from bitterly cold in the morning to blazing hot in the afternoon, it is always handy to make sure your child has a pair of cosy gloves should they need them. There is nothing worse than cold numb hands, is there?

Invest in cotton layers

Whilst you may be thinking all about the warm aspects of clothing, remember that layering clothing also brings warmth and layers are also an important part of anyone’s winter wardrobe. Some cotton layers, much like the ones available at GAP Kids, are perfect for the winter as they are good quality and soft on your child’s skin.

Pick up some waterproof boots

If anything is the most worn footwear in winter, it is boots - especially waterproof ones. These are perfect for all the different weathers winter has to throw at us, whether rain, sleet or snow; as they keep out the wetness but also have a fantastic grip to keep your kids upright in even the most precarious of weather conditions.

Hats and scarves are a must

Now your child probably won’t always keep their hats or scarves on - and that is fair enough, hats can become unbearably warm and scarves can often come down and get in the way - but it is better to have them than to not have them when you need them. Picking up a new hat and scarf for each of your kids is essential for their winter wardrobe.

Comfy sweaters for everyone

Nothing beats sitting on the sofa, chilling out under the blanket watching TV and snuggled up in your new favourite comfy sweater. Everyone has that one warm and cosy sweater that they tend to opt for during winter and your children will be the same. If they haven’t got one or are in need of a new one, make sure to buy them a new one in preparation for the upcoming season. A cosy sweater is a must!


Finally, and perhaps the one that least people opt for, is earmuffs. Now I don’t know about you but my ears get really cold during the winter and sometimes hats, whilst keeping our head warm, don’t really get the job done when it comes to our ears. There are so many cute pairs of ear muffs out there nowadays - why not pick up some for your children just in case.

What is on your winter wardrobe essentials list when it comes to children? Have I missed anything?

*Collaborative post


  1. Comfy sweaters are my absolute favourite. I never really wore hats before but I can't be without a good warm hat now x

  2. So many people forget about layering! It makes SUCH a difference!

  3. Layering makes such a difference - much warmer than one big layer.