Adorable Fashion Tips For Children

With children becoming more fashion-conscious than ever, it is important to know a little about kids’ clothing. I've written many posts on fashion for adults, so here are some great tips for things to consider when it comes to buying children’s fashion.

Let them have their own input

Younger children don't always know their own minds, but older children certainly do and will be able to tell you if they like or don’t like something. Letting them have input on decisions regarding their clothing is key. Whilst they may choose something you’re not too fond of, they will be the ones wearing it and fashion is all about fun, remember.

Consider the quality

Children tend to have more sensitive skin than adults so what we may consider okay for our skin may not be okay for theirs. You want quality materials that won’t irritate your child’s skin such as cotton - and as advised by experts like those at The Laundress, always wash clothes before first use.

Inject some colour

It can be incredibly easy to fall into the trap of buying neutral-coloured items - the whites, the greys, the blacks - as they’re the most popular when it comes to certain items of children’s clothing, especially the basics, but the colour is fun. No one is going to judge if you buy them that pair of electric blue leggings or rainbow coloured shirt. Children love colour!

You can always opt for some designer items

We like to treat ourselves to designer clothing occasionally so why wouldn’t you treat your children every now and again, if you have the funds to do so? Perhaps some clothing from Strawberry Children may be ideal - they stock a variety of designer brands and have a variety of sizes, from newborn babies to children aged up to 12 years.

Designer clothing is of the highest quality and built to last so maybe consider getting some investment pieces for your child’s wardrobe. Designers are paying much more attention to children’s fashion nowadays so you will find some gorgeous pieces that would be perfect for your child’s wardrobe.

Consider matching - but only if your children want to

Let’s face it, matching clothes in children is super cute but only if its something that the children themselves want to do (unless they are too young to understand). If your child doesn’t want to dress in the same sort of clothes as their sibling, then don’t force them - but if they do, embrace the match!

Ensure the fit is correct

Children do grow incredibly quickly so sometimes getting the right fit is a little tricky but it is important to get it correct as incorrectly fitting clothes or footwear can be very uncomfortable. If shopping in-store, get them to try stuff on and if shopping online, you can always send them back if they don’t fit - or keep them for the future if they’re a little too big.

These are just a few tips on shopping for children’s clothing - I hope they have helped. Remember, it is important to let them have their say when it comes to the clothes that they will be wearing - even if you aren’t too sure. That being said, you may have to step in if the clothes they choose aren’t exactly weather-appropriate. It is all about a little give and take.

Do you have any tips when it comes to shopping for children’s clothes?


  1. I have to say I’m a big fan of kids matching outfits with their siblings - I just think it looks so cute x

  2. These tips are fab, I absolutely love adding colour to my daughters wardrobe, she usually picks her outfits but she is very fashionable.

  3. Now that Luke has a little brother, I am keen to get them matching outfits. Luke chose to dress as a skeleton this Halloween and was thrilled that his baby brother had a matching outfit. I always let Luke choose his own clothes, his current favourite is a multicoloured crocheted hoodie.