7 Tips To Design A Small Bathroom

Some people are incredibly lucky and have large bathrooms that they can do what they want with, but some of us have to make do with much smaller spaces.  It is possible, however, to make your small bathroom look stylish and uncluttered. Here are a few ideas on how to design a small bathroom to suit your needs and your tastes.

1.  Avoid pedestal sinks

Whilst these are still relatively small in size, they can really disrupt the flow of a room, especially when it is already quite small. A corner sink not only saves space but looks good in a tiny room.

2.  Choose a bath OR shower

Whilst it may be tempting to have both a bath and a shower separately in your bathroom, logistics-wise it just doesn’t make any sense. A small bathroom would be overwhelmed with the two so when designing your bathroom, consider opting for one or the other - or add a shower over your bath to get the best of both worlds.

3.  Consider the decor

Light colours such as white, cream and pale blue will make the room look spacious as well as feel clean. If you have a small bathroom avoid dark colours on large areas of the wall. If you want to add colour do it with accessories.  You may not be able to actually make the room bigger but you can certainly make it seem like it is.

4. Think about your storage

Bathroom storage can be quite big and bulky so consider how you are going to store your bathroom items. Consider off-ground storage like the shelves or cabinets you can find
on this page to ensure that you have plenty of floor space. Hooks behind the door can be useful to hang robes and towels. Under-sink cabinets are a good way of helping you utilise space as well.  Spice racks on the wall are a cool idea for storing lotions and potions too.

5. Perhaps a wetroom will suit your needs best

If your room really feels too small, perhaps a wetroom is the best option. They are super stylish and add a modern touch to your bathroom.  Wetrooms are particularly good if you have problems with accessibility, not having to climb into a bath for example and they are also easy to keep clean.

6. Add mirrors

Mirrors help to create an illusion of space which is just what you need in a small bathroom - plus they are incredibly functional too! They reflect light around the room and generally make bathrooms a much more light and airy space.

7. Natural light is just what you need

Ensure natural light where at all possible. However, if you don't have enough natural light from windows you can fake it by using daylight bulbs. You will then get a natural light - perfect for putting on your makeup. 

You’ll want to make sure that your bathroom is stylish and classy so consider using a reputable company to do the work for you. Harrogate Bathrooms offers bespoke professional services for building & refurbishing bathrooms.

Check out this post for more tips on how to design a small bathroom.

Do you have a small bathroom? Have you made any changes to make it seem bigger?

*Collaborative post


  1. We have a small bathroom and it has a slanted ceiling so it is trcky, your're right about lights and mirrors making such a difference though. Mich x

  2. Great tips, mirrors are so good for making small spaces and dark spaces feel lighter and bigger x

  3. our bathroom is pretty small, and you're right storage plays a big part. Mirrors are important too I think x

  4. I would love to have a wet room, it just makes sense!