How To Host A Fabulous Autumn Garden Party

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, and although it's getting chilly outside it's not too cold for a garden party. So, whether you are organising one for Halloween, Bonfire Night or another occasion, here are some ideas and a guide to hosting a fabulous autumn garden party.

Set the scene

Make sure it's cosy and comfy outside. Adorn a bench or deck chairs with cushions, get some soft cosy throws and set up some heat lamps for that added warmth. A fire pit is a lovely addition to an outdoor area, can be surprisingly affordable and is worth the outlay if you are a person who loves their garden. Just be careful if you have kids around.  If you are putting on a big party consider a garden camping party tent to provide shelter when the sun goes down.

It's all about the lighting

As it gets darker and dusk falls then the lighting is all important. Outdoor lighting can be a combination of spotlights, lanterns and fairy lights. Avoid real candles though if children are around, you can get lanterns and tea lights these days that are powered by batteries. If you have a fire pit it can also create a lovely ambience and soft lighting.

Theme accordingly 

Think about your decor and theme accordingly. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for an Autumn garden party.  For table decor for a party for adults, think table lanterns or candles, and decorate the garden with potted plants in yellow, orange, and russet colours. 

For a Halloween party, a carved pumpkin is more or less obligatory, as well as an orange and black decor. You can go all kitsch for the kids - decorate with the obvious Halloween items such as plastic spiders, pretend cobwebs, and witches cauldrons. Why not have a dressing-up party, with a prize for the best outfit and smaller prizes for everyone so no one feels left out?

For a Bonfire party, if you have a large garden you could consider fireworks. Be sure to read up about the space you need before you buy them though and always read the instructions on the box. If you are going for fireworks, advise your neighbours about your party in advance. In fact, why not invite them as they would be less likely to moan!

What's for dinner?

If its a party for a group of grown-ups then you could have a full-blown dinner party but eating outdoors lends itself to easy al fresco dining. Instead, ask people to bring a side dish or dessert, and provide the salad, main course and wine. 

Traditionally a November the 5th party lends itself to getting the barbecue fired up and cooking sausages, burgers and baked potatoes in the embers and will appeal to kids and adults alike. For a sweet treat consider s'mores roasted on the barbecue or a scrumptious hot chocolate with marshmallows. For the adults, mulled wine can be an alternative delicious option.

It's fun to play games

On Halloween try the traditional game of apple bobbing, which appeals to both small kids and big kids alike. Get a big bowl, fill it with water and then throw in some apples. Then you need to hold your breath and duck for the apples, pulling them out with your teeth. The winner is the quickest to get all the apples out of the bowl.  

For a more adult party with grown-ups consider truth or dare, but be aware, the more alcohol that is involved the more embarrassment can be caused the next day! Trivia games or charades are fun for all age groups and are good if you want something family-friendly. 

So here are some ideas on how to host a fabulous Autumn garden party. Let me know if you have any ideas.

*collaborative post


  1. What great tips for an autumn garden party! We had an autumnal BBQ last year and it was so much fun :)

  2. I've been looking for some pretty lights to string up outside in our garden, we love using our garden all year round.

  3. Awesome post with some great tips, I honestly do love garden parties, especially Autumn ones where the garden is still full of colour and lit up with string lights