The B Dimension Jewellery Collection From Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Bucherer Fine Jewellery is a jewellery and watch company, known as one of the leading brands in Europe. Established in 1888 you may have heard of them when they were called The Watch Gallery. The fine jewellery that they sell, are always exquisite pieces, different from jewellery on the high street. Each piece is known for its uniqueness, design aesthetics and creativity. When they produce a new collection you know that it will be breathtaking.  

B Dimension white gold and pave diamond necklace

Now the Bucherer Fine Jewellery brand is announcing the exciting launch of its new B Dimension jewellery collection which was released on 1 October 2018. The collection is designed by New York jewellery designer Yunjo Lee and was inspired by the work of the artist Ellsworth Kelly. 

Ellsworth Kelly art

Ellsworth Kelly was an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker associated with hard-edge painting, Colour Field painting and minimalism. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing line, bright colours and form.

Sketches of the jewellery for inspiration for the finished pieces.

To create the jewellery, Yunjo Lee the designer, carefully sketched ideas. Then to take it to the next level she cut out paper circles and began to experiment with them. 

She found, “A major challenge was to find the right angle to ensure symmetry while creating the perfect effect of light reflection and shadow on the circle itself”

Then once the design was developed she selected tiny brilliant diamonds with diameters from 0.7 to 0.9 mm for the jewellery.   Yunjo then added splashes of colour with matte coloured gemstones like lapis lazuli, onyx and carnelian. It was a challenge to achieve a three-dimensional finish but a challenge that was well worth it. 

Ring design

The sophisticated design of the new B Dimension range brings a new take on the circle and lends the collection its distinctive character.

A twist on a class diamond ring

The 26 pieces in the collection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are beautiful and delicate and inset with pave diamonds that catch the light, making it perfect for a dressy event or special occasion dinner.

 Yunio Lee

The core collection is crafted in 18- carat white gold. Rings are also available in pink gold and white gold. 
Lapis lazuli and diamond adorned ring

Lapis Lazuli and diamond earrings

Here you can see accents with colourful stones like the bright blue of lapis lazuli, and other designs have incorporated carmine carnelian and deep black onyx.

Onyx and diamond adorned ring

Onyx and diamond adorned earrings

It's all in the detail with this jewellery collection and on each piece of jewellery, the reverse side of the circle is signed with a small “B” – the Bucherer Fine Jewellery logo, a sign of quality and craftsmanship.

What I like about this collection is the wearability factor. You know if you invest in a piece of luxurious jewellery from the B Dimension collection you can wear it again and again, for that special occasion. It's certainly not jewellery you would wear doing the gardening, you want to treasure it and that makes it all the more individual and unique. With prices starting at 1500 Euros, the luxury aspect cannot be denied, and many would aspire to own a piece of jewellery from the collection, but if you have the money then why not, you deserve to be spoiled!

You can buy from the B Dimension jewellery collection now, but be quick as I am sure this range will sell out. I feel these stunning and intricate designs would look perfect worn with a little black dress, for when you want to dazzle. With Christmas coming up, why not leave this page open for your significant other to see what you like?

B Dimension - a simple purist diamond collection, designed for self-assured women with a flair for unique design. 

Tell me, do you own a statement piece of jewellery? Which design above do you like the best?

*collaborative post 


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