Last Minute Luxury Holiday Ideas

I love a last minute holiday, don’t you? Sometimes we just need to get away and recharge our batteries, and often we think last minute holidays can be expensive. When you just want to get away, you don’t want to be splashing the cash as you haven’t had a chance to save, however, last minute holidays can be surprisingly affordable.

Here are some last minute luxury holiday ideas that you might enjoy.

Go Cruising

You may not think that you can get a good deal on a cruise last minute - but you certainly can! If cruises are your thing, it is worth checking out Bolsover, the UK’s number one cruise club. They find the best deals for you on the best dates for you - which is great when you just want to chill out but also want to get out of the country and cruise around some amazing sights.

You can live in the lap of luxury, taking in the ocean view whilst knowing you haven’t paid through the nose for your trip. With excellent food on board, facilities such as spa treatments and plenty of entertainment you won’t even need to leave the ship if you don’t want to! How great is that?

Live In Lodge Luxury

Lodges seem to the epitome of luxury, with all the space, and the comforts of home, as well as luxury touches such as hot tubs, you know you can relax in style. Most holiday parks now have their own section with lodges and there are various other independent companies who offer lodges for last minute stays so if you’re a homebody but still want a luxe experience, perhaps this is the option for you. If you look for a lodge in low season you can pick up some real bargains. We've stayed at Bluestone Wales in a lodge and in January it's super affordable.

Go Glamping

Perhaps your kids want to go camping last minute this weekend but you aren’t down for that idea? Why not compromise? Have a little bit of luxury and go glamping instead - your kids will be happy as they will still essentially get the camping experience and you don’t have to slum it in an overcrowded tent, unable to sleep. A search for "glamping last minute" on google will bring up a range of possibilities.

Pick A Flight

Not everyone will be up for this but if you are looking to get away and know your budget, why not head online and check out the flights going out of your local airport in the next few days.

If you don’t mind too much where you go, this can be a super fun experience. Pick a destination in the next few days which has seats available and check accommodation in that location. Some of the big airlines will allow you to put a package together on their site with a discount if you book accommodation and flights together. If you find some suitable luxe accommodation in that location, then why not book it all? This is great if you know you want to head on holiday but don’t exactly know where you want to go. You may actually get a great price on business class flights last minute, so if this is your dream that why not price up a luxury flight.

I love travelling but you already know that. Nothing beats a last minute trip away though because that trip is usually needed the most. Sometimes we just need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

What are your favourite tips when it comes to last minute holidays? Have you ever done any of the above?

*Collaborative post


  1. With cruises I think the trick is to book them very early or very late. There are some deals to be had either way.

  2. I've never had the guts to book a last min hol! I think I'd enjoy a luxury glamping holiday myself :)

  3. Some lovely ideas, I love the look of glamping, I think my girls would adore that!

  4. I love the idea of glamping. I have never tried it but camping is so cold and so much hard work, I love the idea of glamping and getting the best of both worlds