Christmas Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, it can be hard to find inspiration sometimes. Just how should you decorate and what will people think? People’s styles can vary so dramatically and it is hard to find the right balance. Do you go the ‘whole hog’ and decorate every inch of your property or do you prefer to keep it simple and quick and easy to put up but also get down and put away?

Here are some things to consider when you are getting your house ready for Christmas this festive season.

Consider the dinner table

One of the main places you will be at Christmas time is at the dinner table so it is important to make sure it is suitably festive. You can go all out or be simplistic in your decor - it is totally up to you. Add some greenery and/or some splashes of colour to make the decorations ‘pop’.

Choose some soft furnishings to complement your decor

You may be all sorted when it comes to the decorations around your home but have you considered your soft furnishings? Some festive-themed soft furnishings such as Countryside Art printed cushions will surely add some cheer to your living room.

After the dinner table, the living room is somewhere you will be spending most of your time over the festive period so you want to be sure it is seasonally appropriate.

Find out what is on trend

You don’t need to follow a trend when it comes to Christmas decor but if you are that kind of person, then it is important to know what is fashionable. The rainbow trend seems to be ever so popular and experts think it will be big this year - is this something you’d consider doing?

Use presents as decor

If you are super organised, you will probably have some gifts already wrapped neatly, ready to go under the tree. Why not give them a double use and make them decor too? Perhaps at the edge of your entrance table or adorning both ends of a mantelpiece. They are sure to look great!

You don’t have to have a real tree

So many people feel they need to have a real tree but dread the mess that a real tree makes. This is a reminder - no one says that you absolutely must have a real tree - artificial ones are just as good. Yes, you won’t have the pine scent but you also won’t have all the mess you hate too!

Make a focal point

Whether it is your front door or porch with a wreath and some suitably festive decorations or an entrance table that everyone sees as they come into your house, you will want to make it suitably festive. Include some cute Christmas ornaments, perhaps some Christmas lights and maybe some of the prettiest Christmas cards you receive. It will look great.

Think about the garden

When people decorate their houses for Christmas, they often forget about their garden. Whether your garden is big or small, your style is all out or minimalistic, you will want to add a little sparkle and glamour to your garden. You may love to have Christmas lights out the front or perhaps you prefer some outside lights around the fencing. The choice is totally up to you but ensures your garden shows that you are fully immersed in the festive cheer.

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  1. Great post! I loved the idea of using presents as decor. This Christmas we are really trying to cut down so I'm definitely going to do this :)

  2. I love to decorate the table for Christmas I'm hoping to add new charger plates this year