How To Have A Spa Style Experience At Home

Everyone loves visiting the spa, right? But sometimes we just don’t have the available funds or the time to actually head there. What could be better as an alternative and a luxurious way to treat yourself than a spa-style experience at home with some champers and some chocolate truffles? Here are some tips on how you can achieve the perfect spa style experience in the comfort of your own.

Treat Yourself To Some Face Masks

Head to your local cosmetics store or pharmacy and pick up some face masks for your spa experience. There are plenty of different types to choose from so work out exactly what you want to achieve and choose the perfect mask for that. Whilst you may not be getting a facial, a face mask can leave your skin feeling plumped, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Pour Yourself Some Champagne

What would a spa day without some champagne - or at the very least, some prosecco or cava if you don’t want to stretch to a bottle of champers? Get the glasses ready, get relaxing and treat yourself to a glass of bubbly.

Indulge In Some Quality Chocolates

When it comes to a spa experience, you don’t want any old chocolate, you want something indulgent and decadent like chocolate truffles. Nothing beats popping that tasty little treat into your mouth whilst you are finally getting some time to relax.

Pop On Some Relaxing Music

Now you will know best what music makes you relax, so pop on those tunes for your spa-style experience. There has been a lot of research on the effect music has on you and soothing music can really relax you. Whale music is often played in spas due to the relaxing nature of it so you might want to consider giving that a try!

Don’t Forget All Parts Of Your Body

If you are giving yourself the ultimate spa experience at home, then you don’t want to forget about any aspect of your body. You may be choosing to use face masks and give yourself a manicure but don’t forget about your feet too. Treat yourself to a pedicure and you could even use a foot spa for the ultimate treat. We use our feet so much and they get put through so much on a daily basis that I’m sure you will truly appreciate being able to stop for a while and give them a rest and a treat.

Light some scented candles

Have you noticed how spas always smell incredible, especially in the treatment rooms? You can recreate this yourself by lighting some scented candles. You know what you like so you can make the choice of which candles to light but to create the perfect spa ambience, opt for scents that you’d find there. Perfect scents for this include lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Lavender in particular has been shown to aid relaxation.

Give yourself a massage

Well, a full body massage will be out of the question but you could give yourself a foot or hand massage. Or why not rope in your partner to give you a back massage?  It might not be quite the same as laying down on a massage table with a trained masseuse doing it but it’s better than nothing, right?

Have you ever had a spa-style experience at your home? What did you do?

*Collaborative post


  1. I sometimes do a bit of a pamper session with a bath, face mask, candles etc. but I'd not thought of the food and drink side too.

  2. Funnily enough I did this just last night. It had been ages since I had luxuriated in a bath and it made me remember how much I love it, great tips. Mich x