Which DIY Projects Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

We are a nation of DIY'ers in the UK. There is nothing we like better than spending an afternoon drilling, sanding and sawing. With house prices at a record high, making home improvements by doing it yourself, can really add value to your home as well as making your home more comfortable for you and your family. In this article, I will look at which DIY projects can improve the value of your home. This post is in conjunction with Brandon Hire Station who spoke to industry experts George Clover and Daisy Jones on their views.

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Improve your front door

front door
Spending time improving your front door can add to the curb appeal of a property. It's inviting you into the home and needs to be attractive. If you have peeling paintwork then sanding a door down and repainting can make the door look better instantly. Also replacing the door furniture such as a knocker and letterbox all help if they are damaged or corroded. Your front door will be the first thing your prospective buyer sees if they are looking through estate agent details. If you have the money, having a new front door fitted is great but can run into thousands of pounds so do it yourself and save money too.

Paint your home in light colours

Painting your home in light colours can help improve its appeal to buyers. White, cream and neutral shades will help depersonalise and brighten up your home and make it look clean and inviting. You want the buyers to be able to think that they can move in without having to do much to your home and a lick of paint certainly helps. You may love your home in shades of orange, red and dark blues but think about repainting it to help it to sell.

Converting a bedroom into an office

home office

With many people working from home these days adding a home office can be a great selling point. Daisy Jones from Hewitt Adams suggests that this is a good idea and can add value to your property. This works well, especially if you have four bedrooms or more. If you have the space, this can also be used as a little place to get away from the family, and chill, I know we all need that sometimes don't we?

An extra toilet downstairs

Industry expert George Clover states that installing a downstairs toilet if you do not have one, can be appealing to prospective buyers and according to Checkatrade, a downstairs loo can add up to 5% to the value of your property. It's also a plus point if you have guests and don't want them to go upstairs to use the toilet, and it's useful for family and friends with mobility problems too. 

Adding an extra room

floor plan

According to George Clover, an extra bedroom with an ensuite is likely to add £50,000 to the value of your property. That's a lot of money! It doesn't have to be a bedroom though as adding any room can add some serious value to your home. If you are thinking of doing this then it's best left to the professionals although you can do some of the internal DIY yourself. If you are considering an extension be sure to think it through and write down exactly what you want before hiring an architect or designer. Then get at least three written quotes from builders on the costs of building materials and labour and the time it will take before committing.

So these are some DIY projects that can improve the value of your home. Brandon Hire Station spoke to George Clover of Helmores Estate Agents in Crediton and Daisy Jones of Hewitt Adams in Heswall for their expert opinion. Check out this campaign with Brandon Hire Station on which DIY trends can impact the value of your property

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