Can You Use USA Dollars In Dubai? If Not, Where Can I Exchange Once There?

If you are travelling to Dubai and you are wondering if you can use the USA dollar then here you will find out if that will be possible or not. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the official currency is Emirates Dirham (AED). Therefore, you will find most places in Dubai accepting the AED. Worry not if you have USA dollars though because you will learn where you can exchange your money.

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Before diving into how you can exchange the USA dollar for AED, it is important to note USA dollars are also accepted in Dubai. Hence if you have the USA dollars and you are applying for the UAE tourist visa extension, you can pay using the USA dollars.

That being said, the exchange rate of the United States dollar to the United Arab Emirates' currency, the Dirham is fixed at AED 3.67 to 1 USD. This is the single most significant fact that you need to be aware of regarding currency exchange in Dubai.

This indicates that you may anticipate buying and selling US dollars at fixed rates of AED 3.66 and AED 3.68, respectively, regardless of market conditions.

All exchange rates, with the exception of those of the US dollar, are fluid and subject to constant adjustment. In Dubai, the majority of stores take US dollars as payment; nonetheless, it is usually to your advantage to carry some Dirhams with you. One may exchange currencies in Dubai at the airport, hotels, banks, or currency exchange counters located throughout the city.

The majority of the airport's bank counters close between the hours of 10 and 11 pm. However, at the airport, there are a few currency exchange desks that are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Doing your work at shopping malls is both the easiest and most convenient way to get your work done. At least one branch of a renowned money changer chain may be found in each and every shopping centre and mall in the country. These locations follow the same schedule as the mall itself in terms of when they open and when they close.

Refer to the following list of top money changers in Dubai to increase the number of Dirhams you have available for your vacation. Simply because they offer reasonable prices and a well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality service, these locations come highly recommended.

The fact that money exchange chains offer competitive exchange rates and a widespread presence in convenient areas makes them the provider of choice for a lot of tourists. These chains, in general, provide consistent pricing across all of their locations.

Where Can You Exchange USD For Dirhams?

Metro stations(Not all of them)
Shopping Malls
Major Hypermarkets/supermarkets

What You Should Know About Exchanging Money In Dubai

If you want to avoid paying exorbitant fees and discover the greatest bargains when exchanging currency in Dubai or any other foreign location, it is essential to educate yourself before making the transaction.

If you plan to stay in Dubai for an extended period of time or if you intend to make significant financial investments there, such as purchasing real estate or automobiles, you should think about opening a bank account there. Exchanging money is a common option for tourists from other countries. However, you should also consider opening a bank account there.

1. Beware Of ‘Zero fees’ Services

While you are away from home, it is highly possible that you will come across businesses that advertise that they can provide currency exchange for 'zero fees' or 'no commission.'

However, this offer is too good to be true because the companies providing these services still need to earn a profit. They will typically offer you a low exchange rate that is not reflective of the actual rate being offered on the market, and they will keep the difference for themselves.

The real exchange rate is also referred to as the mid-market rate, and it is the rate that banks and other financial institutions use in order to convert one currency into another on the international market.

If you do a search for the currency pair that you are using on Google or use a currency converter online, you will probably find that the exchange bureau or bank is offering you a considerably lower value for your money than what it is actually worth.

2. Familiarise Yourself With The Exchange Rate

Now that you are aware that currency exchange businesses do not typically offer their customers the genuine mid-market rate, you should verify the base rate before you go to exchange your money so that you can recognize a poor bargain if you encounter one.

3. Avoid Money Exchange In Airports Or Hotels

In this particular instance, it is unfortunate that one must pay a price in order to enjoy convenience. Airports and hotels are common places to exchange currency at the last minute; nevertheless, these establishments are frequently the worst places to do so because they provide the worst exchange rates and charge the highest transaction costs.

4. Check If Your Personal Bank Operates In Dubai

In the same way that you would use ATMs while you are at home, you are able to withdraw cash from them when you are in Dubai. However, before you begin utilizing automated teller machines (ATMs), you should first determine whether or not your home bank has any connections with local banks in Dubai.

When they do, then it is possible that you will be able to withdraw cash without having to pay any additional costs from the ATM for the opportunity of doing so. Notifying your bank that you will be using your card while you are away from home is something else you should do before you leave the country.

5. Choose To Be Charged In The Local Currency - AED (Dirham)

When you are using an ATM in a foreign country, you can be asked if you want to be charged in the local currency or in your own country's currency. This is not a good idea, as it implies your money will be converted at an undisclosed exchange rate and you’ll likely pay an extra cost for the conversion. Choose to be charged in the local currency if you want the pricing to be more equitable.

Below are the Top Money Exchange Places in Dubai

(1) UAE Exchange

(2) Al Ansari Exchange

(3) Al Ghurair Exchange

(4) Lulu International Exchange LLC

(5) Sharaf Exchange L.L.C

(6) Orient Exchange Co. LLC

(7) GCC

(8) The Index Exchange

(9) Rajhi Exchange

(10) The Asia Exchange Centre

(11) The Ravandi Money Exchange

(12) Khalil Exchange LLC

(14) The Habib Exchange Co LLC

(15) The Emirates India International Exchange

(16) The City Exchange

(17) The Joy Alukkas Exchange

(18) The LM-Exchange

(19) Multinet Trust Exchange

(20) Redha Al Ansari Exchange

(21). Al Rigga Metro Station

(22). Emirates Metro Station

(23). Emirates Tower Metro Station

(24). Internet City Metro Station

(25). Burj Khalifa Metro Station

(26). Rashidiya Metro Station

(27). Oud Metha Metro Station

(28). UAE Exchange Station

(29). Jebel Ali Metro Station

(30). Etisalat Metro Station

(31). Union Metro Station

(32). Salah Al-Din Metro Station

The fact that just 12% of people living in the United Arab Emirates are natives, while the remaining 88% are foreigners, means that exchanging money won't be an issue in Dubai.


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