Top 22 Tips for Business Travel in 2022

Business travel is ‌something you love or despise. While many individuals consider it a benefit, especially when they can combine work and pleasure, frequent business travellers typically find it difficult, if not downright uncomfortable.

Yes, travelling for work may be difficult. Experienced travellers‌ know that they may have a much better time if they follow a few simple guidelines that are certain to work.

This article will discover a comprehensive set of business trip tips and techniques to help you handle your upcoming trip like a champ.

Prior To A Work Trip

luggage and passport

1. Consult Your Company's Travel Policy

Before arranging your trip, make sure you are familiar with your company's business travel policies, processes, and do's and don'ts.

2. Only Bring Carry-On Luggage

This is one of those packing hints that might help you save a significant amount of time. Keep things simple, pack small, and stick to carry-on luggage if you want to avoid spending an average of 30 minutes at the baggage claim or dealing with the aggravation of your suitcase being misplaced.

3. When You're on The Road, Keep Your Basics Close To Hand

Your phone, itinerary, credit card, wallet, boarding tickets, passports, IDs, and critical papers. Put them in a place where you'll always be able to locate them whenever you need them. Nothing is more aggravating than forgetting your passport or ID at the gate and having to delay boarding as you unpack everything in a rush.

4. Bring Both Business and Casual Outfits

Even though your meetings' dress code is usually business attire, there may be times when you need to dress casually, and you don't want to "waste" work clothes on these occasions. After all, you never know when one of your clients will invite you out for a casual lunch or activity.

5. When Packing, Keep Security Inspections in Mind

All liquids, devices, and even chargers are frequently needed to be removed from your luggage during security screenings. Keep all goods inspected at security available to unpack whenever the time arrives to ensure you get through security inspections as fast as possible.

6. Consider Uninterrupted Flight

Choose direct flights wherever feasible to avoid layovers. You'll save time on the road and be more rested when you arrive. You'll also have a higher chance of preventing issues like delays, cancellations, overbookings, and misplaced luggage.

7. Utilise Airport Lounges

Airport lounges may significantly improve your business trip experience by providing a pleasant place, Wi-Fi connection, outlets, food, beverages, showers, and even spas. They're a terrific way to unwind before a trip or catch up on last-minute work. Airport lounge access is usually included in business class. However, it may also be purchased individually.

8. Bring Along Some Healthy Snacks

A work vacation to most business travellers implies erratic lunchtimes and high-fat snacks. One can avoid this with a bit of planning: bring enough nutritious, balanced foods to take with you on the aircraft and while you're on the run.

9. Do Your Homework on International Business Decorum

What else do you need now that you've written your speech and gathered all your statistics? Business etiquette varies greatly depending on where you are visiting. Make sure you're familiar with the basic principles to confidently extend that client's hand or not.

10. Check-In Ahead of Time

Take advantage of it if it's feasible to check in ahead of time for your airlines, TSA pre-checks, homes for corporate stays, your hotels, or perhaps even your vehicles' rental. This will save you time on the road.

While on a Work Trip

11. Drink Water Instead of Alcohol

Staying hydrated and drinking enough water is essential for avoiding jet lag, but it also benefits your cardiovascular fitness, skin, and general attitude.

12. If You Need to Be Alert On Arrival, Consume Coffee Two Hours Ahead of Time

While consuming copious amounts of coffee throughout your journey may not assist, it may be necessary sometimes, especially if you don't have time to rest before your work meeting.

‌13. Connect During Your Layover

If you have a layover, use your layover time effectively to catch up on phone calls and emails whether you have enough time. You'll be informed of any crucial changes and updates to your business travel this way. When you get to your location, you'll also escape the pressure of having to contend with an infinite list of emails to respond to.

14. Exercise Can Help You Overcome Jet Lag

According to recent research, exercise can help ease the symptoms of jet lag. A movement mainly in the early morning or early afternoon, for instance, pushes the circadian rhythm forward, whereas exercise between 7 and 10 pm has the reverse impact.

15. Do Not Succumb to the Temptation to Nap as Soon After Arriving

This is the most prominent piece of advice for overcoming jet lag. You might be inclined to nap soon after you arrive after a long, weary journey, regardless of the local hour. At all costs, avoid doing so and allow your body to acclimatise to the new destination as quickly as possible.

16. Adhere to the Most Crucial Daily Routines as Much as Possible

It's critical to be physically and mentally fit to get the most out of those work meetings. Bringing your most crucial daily routines from home on your work travel is a fantastic idea. Meditating, doing yoga, or heading for a morning workout are some options.

17. Photograph All of Your Receipts

Every cost that your organisation pays for must be recorded. The regulation is that if you don't have a receipt, you won't get a refund. That's why we advocate photographing your receipts whenever possible. You'll always have the photo to justify your costs, even if you misplace the printed version.

18. Keep Receipts in a Safe Place

That is to say, don't strew them in every pocket you can find. If you want a paper copy of all receipts, be sure you have a suitable folder or envelope to store them in.

19. When Utilising the Public Internet, Use a Firewall

Ensure your antivirus is updated, and you have firewalls to safeguard you from anybody who may have access to your data, especially if you use your work laptop and access job-related information.

Following Your Work Travel

20. Remember to Keep Track of Your Costs

It's essential to do the expenditure reporting once you've returned home. It shouldn't be too tricky if you've followed the prior advice and kept track of your receipts. But make sure you do everything on time and that nothing gets omitted.

21. Thank You Emails are of the Essence

Send an email to your corporate partners and clients thanking them for their efforts and time if they helped make your business trip a success. It will be much appreciated.

22. Write a Review

Did you have a good time at the hotel? Was your customer service representative pleasant? Please be considerate and give a positive review. If you stay at the same hotel again, it will offer them something nice to remember you by.


I hope you enjoyed these travel tricks. Now it's time to put them into action on your next work trip: wherever you're going, we wish you a pleasant and productive journey.

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