5 Ways To Grab A Bargain

We all like a bargain don't we? I mean who doesn't get a buzz out of buying something at a great price? With the cost of living creeping higher and higher, everyone has had to tighten their belt in the last year, and many people have never had to do this before. But there are some things you can do to get a bargain. Let's have a look at what they are.

Make a list

shopping list
If you are looking for something specific make a list. This will help to keep you focused and stop you from wasting money. This applies if you are going shopping for groceries, shopping for clothes or shopping for big-ticket items such as a TV or bed. The internet here is also your friend to research the best deals before you buy. You can use comparison sites too.  If you are looking for deals from a specific store, then it can be a good idea to sign up for emails for the latest offers.  

Collect coupons

Another money-saving move is to use discount coupons. Discount coupons are often printed in magazines and leaflets that you get free through the door and in the back of magazines you buy. Many companies also have loyalty cards these days, and it's worth signing up for these for discounts on everything from coffee to groceries to toiletries. Signing up for loyalty cards is a good idea to earn discounts on a range of items and you can even get your shop for free! They love coupons in the US and we bargain-loving Brits are starting to love them too.

Save a pot of money

saving money

If you can afford it and can wait then if you put aside an amount every month you are in a great position to pounce when the offers come in. For example, if you need a new laptop then saving an amount of money every month throughout the year can help you have the cash ready when you need to buy, this can mean you are in a great position when the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales are on. You won't have to rely on finance meaning it will be cheaper for you to make that big purchase. This relies on forwarding planning and some disposable income so it's not for everyone but can definitely be worth doing. 

Use social media

Using social media is a great way to keep up to date with the latest offers from companies big and small. Follow your favourite companies on Twitter and Facebook to see when they have offers on, discounts and deals.  You could make a Twitter list with your favourite companies so you can see when they have offers and discounts. Sometimes following a certain hashtag can help you spot the deals too, such as #deals #blackfriday #boxingdaysales #discounts and #sales. Be quick though as sometimes these deals can go quick.

UK Deals And Giveaways

UK Deals and Giveaways

A specific Facebook group I love is UK Deals And Giveaways. UK Deals And Giveaways has 285,000 followers on Facebook and over 300000 online in total. The Facebook group is brilliant as they have dedicated admin and fans of saving money, who post the latest, greatest, and best deals available online and in-store. They also have a website where you can spot the trending hot deals. Every offer on their website is categorised so it's easy to search for, and there are many deals from Kids and Toys, to Fashion, to Home and Garden to Groceries and much more. If you like entering competitions they have those too as well as freebies and samples, perfect for trying something for the first time or even taken on holiday. Whenever I am on the lookout to buy gifts for a family member I search the group to see what offers are on. Some of the best deals at the moment are Addidas trainers with 45% off and Hugo aftershave at half price. 

So here are 5 ways to grab a bargain. What's the best bargain you've had?

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