Four Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

Not everyone enjoys decorating, but we all like to live in a nice home. Fortunately, there are some really easy ways to brighten up and update your rooms without having to spend a fortune or do a lot of work.

Invest in some canvas prints

One of the simplest ways to update a room is to change the artwork or put more up. Most of us have fantastic photos just sitting on our phones and tablets, unloved and almost forgotten.

You can easily take one or two of those and turn it into artwork for your home. It is really easy, and inexpensive, to order canvas prints online. They are available in a huge range of sizes and finishes, and the best print firms offer a wide choice of frames. This makes it easy to order a canvas print that fits in with the style of decor you have used in your home. For someone with a crisp, modern, minimalist apartment frameless prints are a good option. Whereas, a wooden frame would probably be a better choice for someone who lives in a more traditionally decorated home.

Bring the outside in

Humans love to be surrounded by nature. That applies to virtually everyone, so bringing the outside into your home is a really good way to brighten things up and lift your spirits. It can be as simple as buying fresh flowers to enjoy over the weekend, or changing your window coverings so you can see more of the view.

Adding plants to your rooms is a really good way to make it look better. Large houseplants make very good focal points. These days they are super easy to keep. You can buy gadgets that tell you exactly when they need watering or feeding, as well as automatic watering systems that only need topping up every once in a while.

Let the light in

Speaking of windows, another easy way to brighten up a home is to make the best possible use of natural light. Changing your window coverings so you can see more of the view, has the added benefit of letting more natural light into your home.

Putting up more mirrors is a fast way to make better use of that light. You can position them, so that they reflect the light back into your room, and brighten it up.

Spring clean

Most of us lead busy lives, so inevitably some tasks get put on the back burner again and again. This is particularly the case with cleaning tasks. We tend to do the basics, but important jobs like taking our light fittings down and giving them a clean tend to get forgotten. Putting aside a weekend a few times a year to make sure these jobs get done can make a huge difference to how bright and welcoming your home looks. If you do this as a family you can get the whole house done in a long morning and reward yourself by going somewhere special the next day.

More ideas

If you like some of the ideas above, you can find more by clicking this link.

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  1. Love this post as we're currently looking 4 ideas 4 our new home. Thanks some definite inspiration here! If only I can convince my other half that we need to buy plants...not expensive door handles!!!

  2. Light is the biggest thing in my house, we have to cover the windows as people walk right past but it just gets too dark, so I got some sheer roller blinds and they make a massive difference.

  3. those are all great tips, for me natural light is a must and greenery does make a space brighter and fresher!

  4. Aww lovely post! I'm a bit obsessed with canvases & I love filling my home with flowers!