How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Nicer

Cleaning the house is an inevitable task and one we often dread. Even as we spend our days keeping on top of the washing-up and laundry loads, the ever-pressing burden of the weekend ‘deep clean’ weighs heavily on our minds – with the bathroom the worst room of the lot.

A recent survey found that as many as 1 in 5 UK adults only clean their bathroom when they know they have guests coming. Is it any wonder that bathroom odours can be so hard to get rid of? Here are some quick tips for fixing your bathroom’s smell…

Regular Cleaning


It should come as no surprise to you that a regular cleaning routine can consistently improve the smell of your bathroom. Keeping a routine ensures that nothing can build up, and makes using the bathroom much more pleasant overall. Your cleaning rota should include weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks, to ensure everything is kept up comprehensively and hygienically.

Cleaning your bathroom regularly can also help you eliminate certain possibilities for the location of your bathroom’s odour – and allow you to narrow any problem smells down to their original location. It can be common for grime to accumulate in the overflow drains of your bath and sink, for example – places you don’t commonly think to clean. By keeping to a cleaning rota, you may be more likely to notice these things, and better able to clean as a result.

Wash Your Mats and Towels

bath mat

Some things that may escape your regular cleaning routine are your washables – which aren’t just limited to towels, and hand towels, but can also include bathmats and shower curtains amongst other things. Washing these thoroughly can help prevent that familiar ‘damp’ smell and the propagation of black mould that can sometimes result.

If your bathmat exhibits dark spots, mould or mildew is already present and the mat should be deep cleaned. You may also want to consider re-coating your bathroom walls and ceiling with a specialised bathroom paint, to prevent the growth of mildew and mould there.

Ventilate Your Bathroom


Another key weapon in the fight against dampness and mould is airflow. Ensuring your bathroom is well-ventilated at all times, or at least when in use, ensures that humid air can leave with ease – preventing condensation from wreaking too much havoc in your bathing space.

Extractor fans are the usual way to ventilate a space, but windows can be opened in a pinch. If you do not have an extractor fan, it could be well worth your while to get one installed. This way, you can ensure airflow without compromising temperature.

Introduce Air Freshener

pot pourri

Naturally, introducing good smells can help neutralise bad smells. Using potpourri can be a great way to do this, being as much decoration as it is utility. Fragrance sprays are powerful options too – and if you’re a little concerned about sustainability, it is remarkably easy to make your fragrance spray to your tastes!

A secret ‘life hack’ of sorts for neutralising smells without the pomp and circumstance is to stash a bowl of baking soda somewhere inconspicuous – or to even dump it down the drain. The cooking ingredient can trap and neutralise scent particles, making the bathroom naturally fresher.

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