Why You Need To Get Your Gutters Cleaned Due To Clogged Gutters

One of the most overlooked tasks when it comes to home maintenance and improvement is the cleaning of gutters, and I understand exactly why! It's disgusting, to say the least - especially if you are trying to do it without any experience. This is where professionals come in, they know exactly what to do without causing too much mess and with the knowledge of how to repair gutters as well as clean them safely.

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Some of the issues that can be caused by clogged gutters are:

Leaking Roofs

The first tell-tale sign that your gutters are clogged or not working properly is your roof leaking. This usually happens when the gutter is clogged, so the rainwater is unable to make its way to the downspout. As a result, it starts collecting on the top of the roof and, unable to drain, seeps into the roof structure. This causes your roof to leak. A leaking roof brings a whole set of problems, the worst one being wood termites. When water makes the wooden structure under the roof moistm it can attrack termites. They can cause a lot of damage as they eat away at the wood in the foundation of the roof and can cause the roof to collapse.

There are a few ways you can figure out if your gutters are clogged before your roof starts leaking. The very first method is to pay attention to your surroundings. Has there been an increase in animal activity? If yes, it is likely that they are making a nest or are using your clogged gutters as their water source. This can lead to further problems like rodents and pest infestations.

The second and most easy way to figure out if your gutters are clogged is by observing them during rainfall. Is the water making its way to the downspout? Or are the gutters flowing over at the sides? If they are, they are likely clogged.

Shift In The Foundation

One of the biggest issues that people face when it comes to clogged gutters is the shift in the foundation. The shift in foundation usually occurs when the water from the downspout is being drained too close to your house. This is one of the most expensive things to fix as well. The water from your downspout, when drained near the foundation, seeps into the soil and causes soil erosion. This in turn causes your entire house to start shifting. This happens because the eroded soil leaves holes in the ground, making the foundation unsteady.

A shifting foundation has its own set of problems. The very first is a flooded basement. This happens when the water from the soil underneath the house seeps into the basement. Other than this, you might also start noticing that there are cracks in the walls and the ceiling because of the shifting foundation. If not taken care of in time, it can lead to your whole house collapsing!

Can You Clean Gutters Yourself?

The answer to this is yes but also no. Yes, you can clean your gutters yourself once you know how to do it properly. For this, you will need to observe how a professional works with clogged gutters. However, it is important to note that the professionals often use special equipment to clean the gutters and this can be expensive. It is also an extremely messy job that can cause you health issues. However, if you do want to do it yourself, there are two methods you can use:

1) Using a ladder and 2) Standing on the ground

For those who have never cleaned gutters themselves, it is important that they DON'T use a ladder. It can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have someone else there to make sure you don’t fall. The easiest and best way to do this is by using a water or air hose from the ground. If you live in an area that faces a lot of rainfall, then your gutter waste is most likely to be wet. This also means that you should not be cleaning them yourself as the waste can be rotting and can make you sick. Ask a professional for advice by clicking here. Wet waste means you will have to use a water hose and the job might get messy. On the other hand, if you live in a dry area, a simple air hose should be fine to clear up the debris. Make sure you always buy the special attachment for cleaning the gutters!

If you are going to use ladders, make sure that you use ladder stabilisers so that you don’t fall. If you can't find this, make sure you always have someone out with you who can stabilise the ladder. Moreover, it is also important to remember that if you have wet waste, you will need a bag as well as a shovel to shovel it all out. The bag can get heavy easily and you mustn’t put too much stuff in it.

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