Tips On How To Be Less Irritable At Home

We all get irritable occasionally but if you’re frequently feeling on the edge and frustrated, it can wreak havoc on your personal life and make being at home no fun for you or your loved ones. Because irritability is often a symptom of anxiety, it’s easy to become trapped in a cycle of bad temper and apprehension that sucks the joy out of family time. Here are three tips on how to reduce irritability when you’re spending time at home.

1 Find Some Alone Time

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Irritation and anxiety both activate your body’s fight or flight response, making you feel like the only relief you can get are by either setting off a conflict or fleeing the people or situations that are causing this reaction. Because picking a fight is rarely productive, it’s a much smarter option to step away for some alone time when you feel your frustration escalating.

Just finding a quiet spot in your home in which you can read, listen to music, or meditate may be enough to calm you. Having homeopathic anxiety relief pills on hand can also reduce your symptoms and rebalance the brain that may be the root of this excessive stress. Taking a break from your family and seeking natural relief can help you emotionally reset and reduce irritability.

2 Step Away From the Screen

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There’s increasing evidence that too much screen time is harmful to your mental state. Using devices in the evening disrupts healthy sleep patterns, which results in problems like low energy levels and increased irritability. The type of content you view online can also add to your anxiety, be it overwhelming negative news about the world or tense social media interactions.

By disconnecting at least two hours before bedtime, you’ll mitigate some of these ill effects. You could read a book, do some relaxing adult colouring or better still, swap out your screen time and get outdoors, exercise, and interact with your family in meaningful ways. If you need a push, activate your device’s time monitor to remind you when it’s time to unplug.

3 Watch What You Drink

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It may surprise you to learn that beverages you drink every day might be contributing to your irritability. If you’re prone to anxiety and anger, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol may help.

When it comes to your morning coffee, the energy boost you get may be cancelled out by the stress caffeine can induce. Similarly, while alcohol can help you relax, it may also amplify your feelings of frustration and lower your inhibitions to the point that you’re more likely to become angry. If you moderate or eliminate your intake of both caffeine and alcohol, you may notice a decrease in irritability. Instead, try some herbal tea like green tea, red bush or chamomile tea, or up your intake of water.

From spending time alone unwinding to watching your screen time and what you drink, there are plenty of things you can do to decrease irritability. For added help, turn to a trusted online retailer for natural anxiety medication over the counter to incorporate into your mood management. The more you can do to defeat feeling anxious and irritable, the happier you’ll be and so will your family. 

*Collaborative post. This post does not offer medical advice

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