3 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help with Anxiety

Knowing the reason behind your anxiety can really be effective in managing it. Many of us have faced the signs and symptoms of anxiety, whether writing an exam or when interviewing for a new job. Some of us find it difficult to stop feeling anxious in seemingly ordinary situations, leaving a lasting effect on our quality of life. So, it is very important to figure out what is going on and why you are feeling so anxious. The fantastic thing about our brain is that it can rewire itself all the time; this is called neuroplasticity.

By making some very simple but not easy lifestyle changes, you can literally boost your brain’s ability to help heal itself and reduce your anxiety forever. Another thing to remember is that with or without medication, you will have to make some lifestyle changes. One of the most critical changes will be to change your diet; there are certain foods that can alleviate your anxiety, and there are some foods you need to avoid because they can worsen your symptoms. Below are three simple lifestyle changes that I have discovered that can help with anxiety.

Exercise at least five times a week 

Whenever you can exercise as much as you can. Thirty minutes of exercise five times a week has been shown to help anxiety and depression, according to Anxiety UK, a national registered charity. Exercising has amazing effects on the brain as when you start exercising your blood flow will increase, and your brain will be filled with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients. Exercise also produces more neurons in your brain, so it stimulates the production of new brain cells. The best time to exercise is early morning, as when you begin your day with exercise it is said your mental capacity for handling stress nearly triples. The reason is that our brain recognizes exercise as a period of stress, heart rate increases and the brain kicks into a fight or flight mode. As a defence to this supposed threat, the brain starts producing chemicals that can help in alleviating anxiety.

Exercise is also known to help you feel better, and the positive mental effects of exercising last almost the entire day. Starting the day with a moderate exercise session leads to better diet choices, a faster metabolism, more energy and a sense of accomplishment. Morning rituals help people dealing with anxiety. This can be any physically stimulating activity, a trail run, an aerobics class, or even a brisk walk with your dog. Just get out of breath and have fun! Keep up to date with health advice on the NHS website and sites such as Rolling Paper which has board-certified physicians.

Cut back on coffee and caffeinated drinks

The problem with coffee is that it contains caffeine and consuming more than a cup or two of strong coffee in a day is a known cause for anxiety. Drinking too much coffee can worsen your anxiety over a period. Caffeine can create all kinds of body sensations that resemble a panic attack — consuming more than the recommended limit of coffee can create heart palpitations, tremors, sensations of anxiety, and nausea. Caffeine is also known to trigger panic attacks.

The way our body metabolizes coffee is partially based on our genetics. Coffee can be a silent cause of your anxiety, and for those of us who like to start our morning at the local cafe, this can be a tough habit to break. In this case, try substituting one cup for a herbal tea such as chamomile known to be calming, for example, or swap one caffeinated cup for decaffeinated. One thing worth mentioning here is that your morning routine can easily set the stage for the rest of the day. It may be easier for you to cut out that first cup than it is to cut out the second one. You should consider cutting back on coffee but also keep track of the caffeine content in other drinks like chocolate and all the energy drinks.

Yoga and deep meditation can help manage anxiety 

There are many meditation techniques in yoga. If you find yourself in one of the emotional spaces that make you feel anxious, one thing that can help is yoga and meditation. Yoga is filled with numerous activities that coordinate breathing with an empowering movement of the body, developing strength on the inside as well as the mind. So get practising meditation techniques. You will need that inner meditational strength to dig yourself out of that dark emotional anxiety that causes depression.

Dealing with anxiety is not easy, but you can help manage it. Other than medication and talking therapies, these three simple lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your anxiety. You must be aware that anxiety is not dangerous in itself, it may feel like terrible things are going to happen, but actually, nothing will happen. So help yourself, try these lifestyle changes and see if they work for you. I wish you a happy and prosperous anxiety-free life, and I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences that helped me with anxiety.


  1. Magnesium is an istant fix for my anxiety. It works almost instantly. Your links need to open in a new tab.

    1. I will check this out thanks Alyson. Also thanks for the comment about the links, I must have overlooked that, all fixed now

  2. Love this. so many people suffer and these are simple and cost effective ways to try and overcome anxiety xx

  3. This is some really good advice. Giving up caffeine is definitely a good way to start. Thanks for sharing!