What Are The Best Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings?

If you’ve decided to pop the question, the next step is to select the right engagement ring for your big proposal. This can often be a challenge, since there are many different cuts and shapes when it comes to diamond engagement rings, and this is probably something you don’t want to get wrong. 

I'm here to help with a short guide to the top 10 most popular choices, so you can make an informed decision. If you want to find a deal on diamond jewellery from AliExpress, you can save money with your online purchase by checking out the deals and discounts from BravoVoucher at https://www.bravovoucher.co.uk/discount-code-aliexpress.html

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  1. The Princess Cut - this is a timeless classic style and is as popular today as it was back in the 1960s. It’s a square-shaped diamond with pointed corners, that create a kind of inverted pyramid for that extra sparkle and is usually set in a platinum band.

  2. The Round Brilliant Cut - Also one of the most popular classics, the shape of this diamond is similar to a cone and usually has 58 facets that provide maximum light reflection. This means, that it’s one of the sparkliest diamonds around.

  3. The Emerald Cut - this cut is usually a rectangular shape which makes it ideal for a high clarity diamond stone. It’s a good choice if you want to go for something glamorous with a hint of vintage style.

  4. The Baguette Cut - this diamond is long, slim, rectangular, and quite similar to the Emerald cut. It’s most commonly found in rings that have more than one stone. As well as engagement rings, it’s also popular for eternity rings.

  5. The Oval Cut - like the round stone, but a longer version, the oval shape can contain just as many facets meaning that it shines and sparkles just as much. It’s ideal if you want a ring that elongates the finger.

  6. The Pear Cut - slightly more unusual and unique is the pear or teardrop cut. Their shape means that they look bigger than more traditional, rounder diamonds so even a smaller stone will appear larger.

  7. The Radiant Cut - as the name suggests, the radiant cut is a very eye-catching choice. The stone can be square or rectangular, with lots of deep-cut facets for reflecting the light for maximum sparkle.

  8. The Cushion Cut - dating back to the 18th century the cushion cut gets its name from the combination of square shape with rounded corners, similar to that of a soft cushion. They are considered to be slightly less sparkly but are perfect for a vintage look.

  9. The Trilliant Cut - these diamonds originated in the Netherlands and are characterized by their triangular shape. They’re also generally considered to offer less sparkle but their unique shape is a popular alternative for many brides.

  10. The Heart Cut - for the ultimate symbol of love, consider a heart-shaped diamond. This shape is less commonly used for engagement rings than some of the others but could be perfect for adding the element of surprise and making it a unique choice.

I’ve listed some of the most popular styles to get you started but the final decision comes down to personal preference. It’s a good idea to consider the style of jewellery your partner-to-be usually wears to pin down which diamond cut they would prefer. Once you’ve got the ring sorted, the next important step is obviously to choose the location and timing for your proposal. If you’re looking for a romantic setting, Timeout Magazine has some recommendations for the best, most romantic bars and restaurants in London.

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  1. My engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond. It's beautiful