Tea & Tonic Inviting Sleep Body Oil Review

As a woman in her early 50's I must admit my body has changed in the last ten years.  I'm taken much better care of myself than I used to. This includes taking HRT, a multivitamin, and various supplements to help with aches, pains, dry eyes and a hormone imbalance. Until a couple of years ago, I used to take nothing but I have found these supplements, as well as HRT, have really helped my symptoms. 

As I've gotten older, my skin has become drier. I used to have oily skin so it came as a surprise to me how dry my skin feels these days. I also have difficulty getting off to sleep and then I often wake up in the night. So when I was invited to try Tea & Tonic Inviting Sleep body oil  I thought, great, this will help both problems! This is a post in conjunction with Tea & Tonic but all words and opinions are my own. 

Who are Tea & Tonic?

Tea & Tonic is run by Sarah who has worked with luxury lifestyle brands for nearly 20 years. Most of that time has been spent with wellness and natural skincare brands.

Sarah believes that to achieve wellness, balance and brightness in skin and self, we need to strengthen our resilience to everyday stress. How? She discovered adaptogen superherbs to support her high-paced life, juggling a young family and work.

These herbs help improve one's resistance to stress and supports the immune system.  Tea & Tonic use these herbs to improve overall wellness in their products. 


All their ingredients are ethically sourced from traceable, well-trusted growers, all meeting the highest quality standards. They then make small batches of the product ensuring it is fresh. They use vegetable based inks in their packaging and all boxes are carbon balanced under the World Land Trust (WLT) – an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.


I was sent the Tea & Tonic Inviting Sleep body oil to review, from their selection of body oils. The packaging is smart and looks upmarket, the oil arrived in a dark green box with gold lettering. The bottle itself is made of glass which can be recycled and has a plastic white top that can be screwed off to be recycled.

It claims to promote a peaceful night's sleep and can also be used for deep relaxation. It says on the bottle to apply in a circular motion around the body. 

The oil is clear with a slight yellow tinge. Now I've never used oil before so I thought it would be heavy on the skin but I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to apply and absorbed quickly too. It had a very light smell of lavender, but certainly not overpowering, which I was pleased about. Not everyone likes lavender, do they?


I really liked the oil, it feels super nourishing on the skin but not overly oily. I think it would be great as a light body massage oil, perfect if you have a partner that can do your back and shoulders before bedtime. With the gentle scent of lavender it could help you drift off to sleep, I know I felt very rested when I used it before bedtime. 

Tea & Tonic also sell a range of herbal tea and face and body products for wellness, so check out their website if you are looking for natural and sustainable products for wellbeing.

Let me know, would you use the Inviting Sleep body oil?  Do you use natural face and skincare products?

*Collaborative post

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