6 Activities Every Mother-Daughter Should Try This Mother’s Day

As days go by, one of the most beautiful days of the year is approaching us. Yes, we’re talking about Mother’s Day which is on 27th March.

A mother is a daughter’s first love, first best friend and so much more. For all those times they made coffee for us while we studied all night and for all those nights they held us after our first heartbreak; we celebrate Mother’s Day.

While it is absolutely important to start the day with some beautiful Mother’s Day gifts and cards - this year, why don’t we do more?

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With the world finally coming back on track, I am sure you’re looking for some fun and unique Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate your mum. Therefore, I have put together a list of some of the sweetest and most interesting mother daughter activities for this special day.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful day with the most delightful mother’s day presents and of course, some new and exciting mother daughter experiences.

1. Go Shopping

Of course, the list begins with this. While this Mother’s Day idea is absolutely obvious, it’s also going to be just as much fun.

Think about it. When was the last time you went shopping just your mum and you? I bet it was a long time ago. Well, this time you don’t have to worry about what the kids want or anything else. You’re free to go shopping together for her special day.

Take this time and go clothes shopping, buy some novelty gifts and explore the brand new products in the market. Honestly, a simple day spent shopping should be a yearly Mother’s Day tradition.

2. Take A Chocolate Making Class

Here’s one of our most delectable Mother’s Day ideas - a chocolate-making experience. In fact, this is a great experience for birthdays as well.

Chocolate making isn’t like your everyday cooking. It’s a delicious and artistic experience that you should try together. Plus, it’s a new skill to learn and any new skill stimulates the mind.

A class like this can be relaxing too and gives you the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and talk to each other and simply have fun.

3. Mother Daughter Brunch

A brilliant mother daughter brunch will be a nice surprise for her this Mother’s Day. Round up your mum’s favourite dishes and surprise her with an amazing breakfast in bed.

If you’re out of ideas, you can always find some amazing mother daughter brunch recipes online. Prepare a wonderful Mother’s Day card and give it to her at the brunch. Why not make up some mimosas and both of you let loose on this special day.

4. Movie Marathon

One of the most perfect Mother’s Day ideas for the cinephiles (people who love the cinema) is a movie marathon.

All you need is a list of the sweetest rom coms or the coolest Oscar-nominated movies, an unlimited supply of popcorn and a cosy duvet.

Find out the kind of movies your mum loves the most and spend the whole day watching her favourite films with her while sipping on some delicious red wine and tasty snacks.

5. Spa Day

A wonderful mother daughter spa day is what you both need to unwind, relax and bond. Use this special occasion and let your mum sit back and enjoy the wonders of the spa at home.

How you can make this happen is pretty simple. For a relaxing session, give her a neck and shoulder massage with some aromatherapy body lotions suitable for her skin type, next try a gentle facial massage and end the session with a perfect scalp massage.

When it comes to lunch, prepare her favourite food and serve it with some strawberries, Mother’s Day chocolates and the classiest champagne you can find.

6. Cocktail Night

A cocktail night is a great Mother's Day idea for a cocktail enthusiast mommy.

You can plan the perfect day with some wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, cards, flowers and lunch. By the end of the night when your mum is absolutely drained and delighted, surprise her with a special mother daughter cocktail night.

Spend the evening making some of her favourite cocktails and try experimenting with some new drinks together. You can try Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas, Long Island Iced Teas, Margaritas and so much more.


Whether you love chocolates, movies or some cocktails, spending a cheerful day with some fun mother daughter activities is the right way to celebrate Mother’s day.

When you surprise her with some of the most exciting Mother’s Day ideas that you have planned for the day, we are certain that her face will light up.

Make the best of this day by taking her out and reminding her how much you love her. We hope this article helps you celebrate a great Mother’s Day and wish you all the best.

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  1. Some lovely ideas here, I will show my daughter :)