Tulipshare Activist Investing That Could Make A Difference

* I am happy to announce a new paid collaboration with Tulipshare, a new activist investing platform. This article should not be considered to constitute financial advice.

When you are looking to invest your money have you ever considered activist investing? Activist investing is the act of investing your money into publicly traded companies held on the stock market and then using your shares to influence the way their company acts.

One such company that has an ethos of activist investing is Tulipshare. This is an advertorial with Tulipshare, all words and opinions are my own. I am not a financial advisor and nothing within this blog constitutes financial advice.

Who are Tulipshare?

Tulipshare investing

Tulipshare is a new activist investment platform. Tulipshare empowers activists to fight for change at global brands by becoming a shareholder. By acquiring shares through Tulipshare, a platform that is designed for activist investing, you have a voice and a say in the way public companies are conducting their business. The platform is available online and through the mobile app. By investing through Tulipshare you can put pressure on corporations to adopt ethical and sustainable best practices, prioritising social impact over short-term returns. 

Cocoa-Cola campaign

Coca-Cola sign

To illustrate how it works I will look at the Coca-Cola campaign with Tulipshare which examines the problem of plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is everywhere. I live by the seaside and when I go for a walk it upsets me to see the amount of rubbish and plastic pollution - on the paths, on the beaches and being washed up from the sea. Over 99 per cent of plastic is produced with fossil fuels, and although plastic can be recycled only 9% of plastic since 1950 has been.

Who is one of the biggest polluters of plastic you may wonder? Unfortunately, it is Coca-Cola. Of course, they are not the only polluter but Coca-Cola is by far the biggest plastic polluter on our planet in 2020.

What does Coca-Cola say about this? Coca-Cola who produces 3 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year says they will not abandon plastic bottles due to their popularity as customers like the fact that they are lightweight, unbreakable and easy to carry. They have made a commitment to use 50% recycled plastic but they are not meeting their targets on this. 

coca-cola rubbish

Tulipshare which identify ways companies can make an ethical change, wants Coca-Cola to use 100% recycled packaging by 2030, whilst their current target is 50% of recycled packaging.  It may sound a silly idea to invest in a company that uses so much plastic but doing so empowers the shareholders to have a collective voice by grouping your shares with other people. This can then put pressure on the company to change to better practices. Practices that are ethical, sustainable and better for the planet. Besides being an eyesore, when plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, it enters our food chain

How to invest


Firstly to invest you need to sign up and deposit your money, then you need to convert it to USD. After that, you are ready to buy shares. You can buy a fraction of a share as well if you don't have enough to buy a full share. You can even invest with just a pound. Tulipshare takes a small fee. You can then track your shares on the site and are kept up to date about the campaign's performance. 

I personally feel it's an interesting form of investing and something I had never considered before.  If you are interested in using your money to try and make a difference then it's worth considering investing through Tulipshare. The power of activist investing through Tulipshare could really make a difference to the world. You could make a return on your investment too, although, of course, your investment could also go down. 

Other campaigns include investing in Amazon to ensure fair and safe working environments and investing in Apple to allow independent and third-party technicians to repair Apple products. If you have an idea for a campaign you can also let the company know, they may take it on board.

Let me know, what do you think about activist investing? Have you heard of it before? Would you invest through Tulipshare?   

Your capital is at risk. This stock trading platform is facilitated by Tulipshare.

Tulipshare does not provide investment advice. Individual investors should make their own decisions or seek professional independent advice if they are unsure as to the suitability/appropriateness of any investment for their individual circumstances or needs, including potential tax treatment. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive less than your original investment or lose the value of your entire initial investment. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Currency rate fluctuations can adversely impact the overall returns on your original investment. Learn more by reading Tulipshare's full Risk Disclosure and their FAQs.



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