4 Reasons Why An Engraved Necklace Is A Perfect Gift

When you want to make someone feel like they are very important to you, buying them an engraved necklace is a great gift to show them how much they mean to you. An engraved necklace shows that you took the time to personalise the gift just for them, and they will appreciate the sentiment behind it.

Sends A Meaningful Message

Giving someone an engraved necklace also sends a message to the recipient that you want them to think about you and be reminded of you every time they look at their personalized piece of jewellery. It means that you took the time to decide on your design at a retailer, such as Printful, and made conscious choices that you knew they’d like.

People like to receive personalised gifts. When an item is tailored to them, there is an automatic affinity for the object. They will continue to feel positive feelings every time they see it because they will be reminded of receiving it and their initial joy.

Every time someone compliments the engraved necklace you gave as a gift, the recipient will think about you. Adding an important date such as a work anniversary or your wedding day onto your engraved necklace can show just how much you care and how meaningful the relationship is to you.

Control Over Design

You could have hundreds of options to decide on depending on who you choose to purchase your engraved necklace from. Printful, for example, offers 332 custom products in their catalogue if you do not have a design of your own. If you have your own design, they make it easy to upload, or you can pick from their library of assets.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you can even create bulk orders of your design and sell them on your own e-commerce store that you make on the website! You can then make engraved necklaces for teams, schools, organizations, or the whole family!



When something is personalised, individuals are more connected to it. There is an immediate fondness for the item. People tend to treasure things they feel connected to, which is very true when talking about jewellery. Feeling connected to a piece of jewellery means that the recipient is more likely to wear it every day!

People’s values have shifted, and personal connection means more than it did years ago. The opposite of connection is isolation, a feeling most people want to get away from. An engraved piece of jewellery not only conveys how you feel about the recipient, but it’s something that isn’t just another thing. Most objects in our lives are anonymous. Your toaster is the same as others’, as is your car and many other items in your life. An engraved necklace communicates connection by reminding the wearer who cares for them.


People want customisation. Streaming services such as Netflix and music services such as Spotify suggest movies or music that you may like based on your previous choices. Using the data collected from your viewing or listening habits about your interests and likes, these services offer customized recommendations that no one else receives. When you gift someone a customized necklace, you, too, are providing something that is catered to their design tastes and that they feel instantly connected to because it has their name on it.

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