Loom Waterproof Trainers - A Travel Essential

I live in Wales. It rains. A lot. I also like to travel and always pack a pair of trainers for every trip as I do so much walking,  So when I heard about Loom and their 100% waterproof trainers I was keen to find out more.  This is an advertorial in conjunction with Loom. 

Who are Loom Footwear?

Loom footwear

Loom are an emerging company that produces footwear for the modern age. Full of passionate people who want the best footwear. Not just the best footwear, footwear that was environmentally friendly too. 

So what are the features of Loom Footwear?

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There are many features of Loom footwear, including its waterproof design, supreme comfort, being slip-resistant, and anti-bacterial.

  • Waterproof design

Loom footwear are 100% waterproof and keep feet completely dry. It is actually very difficult to find a completely waterproof trainer but somehow Loom has managed to do this with the H2-Go waterproof layer. This makes them essential for your travels and their smart designs mean they are versatile too. Pair them with jeans, leggings or a dress for many different looks.

  • Comfort

Loom are very comfortable to wear. This is partly due to the Merino wool layer, keeping your feet cosy. The trainers are able to regulate your feet's temperature to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Again making them very versatile trainers. The Excelcast Sole is designed by podiatrists to maximise energy return and absorb shock, protecting ankles, shins and knees from hard terrain and rough surfaces.

  • Slip Resistance 

The fact that they are slip-resistant makes them great for hiking in general terrain. You don't have to worry about slipping like you would in a normal trainer, and that's always a plus point!

  • Anti-bacterial

The antibacterial and antimicrobial features of every Loom trainer mean that when you wear Loom trainers your feet will be immune from athlete’s foot, odour, and infection-causing bacteria. This makes them great if you do a lot of walking, hiking or sports. They are also breathable made with materials that absorb and release moisture from the air. Gone are the days of sweaty feet!

  • Lightweight

Loom trainers are very lightweight so are perfect for popping in your rucksack, or in your suitcase, to take on your travels. Combined with their comfort, waterproof design and slip resistance I think this must make them the perfect travel trainer. 

How are Loom environmentally friendly?

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Of course, I mustn't forget that Loom takes their eco-friendly credentials seriously. The average pair of shoes requires large amounts of fossil fuels, thousands of gallons of water, and polluting chemicals to produce. Loom are made with eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices to reduce each pair’s carbon footprint by over 500%. 


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As you can see Loom waterproof trainers are a travel essential. With trainers for men and women, it's worth checking out the Loom website www.loomfootwear.com if you are looking for a new pair of versatile trainers or are looking for a lightweight pair to pack for that perfect trip.

Let me know, what do you think of Loom trainers? Would you buy a pair?


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