Gift Ideas For The Jewellery Lover In Your Life (That Isn’t Jewellery)

 Jewellery is a gifting staple for a reason. Gold or silver, bracelets or rings - there are plenty of options for the special person in our lives regardless of the occasion! However, for the loved one in our life that loves their bling, finding the right fit for their collection can be tricky.

If you want to look at getting them something different, but aren’t sure where to start I have you covered! Say goodbye to buying yet another piece for her jewellery collection and instead focus on some bling-themed gifts! Here are just a few to consider…

Jewellery boxes, cabinets and cases

While your bling-loving friend may have a jewellery box already, it’s still a great gift if she’s running out of room, or wants to upgrade to a bigger box.

Whether it’s a shiny box filled with drawers and sections or one big glass box that allows her to see all of her precious jewels, a jewellery box will ensure that her jewellery is safe and secure. Another compact jewellery storage option to go with is a standing jewellery cabinet, which can be locked and even has a mirror on the door.

If she loves to travel (or has to for work), she’ll love a new jewellery travel case or roll, so she can take her favourite pieces with her on the road. Cases are great for protecting more fragile jewellery, whilst rolls are perfect for efficiency.

Jewellery stands and dishes

If your bling-loving friend prefers to have her treasures on display, rather than in a box, a jewellery stand is definitely the perfect gift.

Jewellery stands come in various designs, from tree to tiered and can prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled up. Tiered stands can even help your friend sort her jewellery, so pieces are paired and ready to wear whenever she likes.

On the smaller side, jewellery dishes are another great way for your friend to store her jewellery. She can keep one by the front door, so she can take her favourite pieces off and place them by her keys after a long day at work. She might prefer to have a nightstand, so she can easily put jewellery on and take it off at the beginning and end of the day.

Crystal drink bottle

Your bling-loving friend will just love a crystal drink bottle to match her attire. Crystal drink bottles have grown in popularity due to the idea that the crystals can infuse the water inside with the positive energy of its signature trait. Some drink bottles come with rose quartz, known as the stone of love, while others come with jade, known for its healing and protection qualities.

If you’re getting your jewellery loving friend a crystal drink bottle, make sure the crystals are kept in a separate part of the bottle. Some bottles even come with a bonus, removable tea infuser, so she can bring on relaxation with both her favourite crystals and herbal tea.

Hollywood mirror

hollywood mirror

A few key pieces of home decor are a great way to add to their glam collection. Chances are, your bling-loving friend takes the time each morning to make sure she’s looking her best and that all her chosen pieces of jewellery are well matched. If she does, she’ll love a Hollywood mirror in her home.

Hollywood mirrors are known for having light bulbs surrounding the frame that add the perfect touch of glamour! Plus, the extra lighting from the bulbs provides a high level of magnification and clarity, which will allow your friend to choose the best pieces to match her outfits. The lighting and design of the mirror are also ideal if she wants to take a selfie to show off (who wouldn't?!).

Hollywood mirrors are also becoming more technological, with dimmable bulbs, Bluetooth speakers for music, and even USB ports. She can charge her phone, put on her make-up, listen to music, and admire some of her favourite jewellery, all at the same time.

Crystal figurines

Crystal figurines are great gifts as they can add bling and shine to your friend’s home. They reflect light to brighten up any space, showing off intricate details in each unique piece.

While a singular crystal figurine makes a great gift, if you are buying one for your bling-loving friend for the first time, it’s a great way for her to start a figurine collection. Figurine collections can vary in theme from animals to universal symbols, food, flowers, and even Disney characters. Your bling-loving friend doesn’t necessarily need to have a themed collection, she could also start a collection of random, but beautiful, pieces.

No matter how you decide to spoil the jewellery lover in your life, these gift ideas are a great starting point. Focus on their style and add a little extra bling into their lives and you can’t go wrong!


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