Clothes Shopping Advice For Every Mum

The 8th of March was International Women's Day, first of all, I send my love to all mums around the world. Being a mum isn't always easy and when purchasing items for your kids, there are so many things you need. Here are some tips for buying clothes for your kids and wholesale kids clothes.

Look For Free Returns

If you're purchasing online, choose a firm with free returns and also a sensible return window.

I look for companies with a minimum 30-day return home window, although I do try to get things returned as quickly as possible. Considering that clothes should be unworn when you send them back, 30 days is usually enough time to repackage them, send them back via the carrier and obtain a receipt. There are a number of carriers such as Hermes, Royal Mail in the UK, DPD and some are better than others.

Suitable Clothes For Kids

children's clothes

Dress kids according to the activities they are going to do and the weather. Select textiles with the temperature in mind, cotton is good for warm weather as it is a breathable material, synthetic fabrics are ok for fashion led styles. The major things to consider include:

Sleeping - Cotton baby grows with mittens on the sleeves are a great choice for infants. For little ones older than 6 months you could select pyjamas with feet. These will help keep the child warm when blankets are thrown off during the night. Make sure there is plenty of space in the feet though. Sleepwear for older children is fire resistant, however, it has to be laundered appropriately to keep this high quality. Comply with care instructions carefully.

Eating and drinking - Small soft bibs will soak up any salivation and excess fluids from a bottle, drinks container or when breastfeeding. For children on solid foods, a large bib of plastic or a combination of cloth-backed with plastic will work. Some bibs have a shelf on the bottom of the bib to collect any food and this is a practical, choice, choose one with soft fabric binding at the neck for comfort for the child.

Playing - For indoor play, pick stretchy baby grows for practicality. With toddlers, you have a wider choice from easy-care materials. Choose t-shirts, tops, trousers and then overalls for messy play. For playing outdoors, add shoes and coats suitable for the weather. 

Dress Up - When dressing your child for celebrations such as birthdays, christenings and weddings, stay clear of scratchy laces, stiff material, or items that need to be dry cleaned. Again breathable cotton is a good choice. Remember that dressing up will not alter the child's habits or routines-- be sure all smart clothing is easy to look after as well as comfortable to put on.

While caring for your children as they grow, mums need time to look after themselves too. You can still have fun with fashion. You can choose those stores that sell both adult and children's clothes, to save time If you want to buy wholesale baby clothes and wholesale women clothing, websites check out websites like Prettykid.

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