What Jewellery Would A Mum Love?

When you want to buy some jewellery for your mum, you may want to take her personal preferences into account before parting with your money. At the same time, it can also be a good idea to think about the different types of jewellery that are available. Some types may be more suitable for your mum, and her lifestyle, than others. In doing so, you may be able to find a great gift for her birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, or even simply just to show that you care.


One of the items that you could consider could be a necklace. Chisholm Hunter has a range of necklaces that could pique your interest, and some of them contain little Fabergé eggs within the design. Buying a showstopping necklace means it should be worn with pride. For work, she may be able to keep it underneath her uniform or other clothing. One of the benefits of the Fabergé design can be that, should she want to go somewhere a bit more upmarket, the necklace will be the perfect accessory. Check what metal she prefers, she may love yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or silver. Different coloured metals suit different complexions. Platinum is very pure if she has allergies.

If your mother tends to wear sandals a lot, or simply prefers more hidden pieces of jewellery, you could opt for an anklet. This could allow your Mum to wear it on special occasions, when on holiday, or even under her everyday clothing. She might like the idea of having something to connect you with her, even when you aren’t around, that isn’t on display for everyone to see. You may also want to think about the design that you choose. Something with a heart, an eternity symbol, or flowers could be a great design that could suit your mother. 

mum and daughter

A popular item of jewellery to buy mum is a charm or bead bracelet. If you buy her one as a present, it's easy to buy a charm or bead for it every Mother's Day, Christmas or birthday. Check if she already has one first. Brands such as Pandora or Lovelinks are popular for bead bracelets and Thomas Sabo is popular for a charm bracelet. These brands bring out charms specifically for mums, or you can buy charms with her initial on, her star sign, or other designs that mean a lot. This means you get a personalised bracelet that is unique to her.

Check if she has her ears pierced. A pair of earrings is a great gift for a mum and it suits all budgets. You could buy her a pair of earrings which are gold and diamonds or you could buy a pair of earrings that are silver or even costume jewellery. 

What Do you Think?

While people can advise you on the different forms of jewellery that exist, ultimately you are one of the people who know your mum best. If she has a sentimental piece she may not want to remove it for a new item, so avoid replacing it.  Has she dropped hints as to what she would like?  Regardless of these ideas, a heartfelt gift from their child would really make any mum smile.

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