Perfect Gifts For Girls From Wicked Uncle

Buying a present for a child can be really difficult these days. I mean most kids have a lot compared to when I was young.  If you are buying for a girl it can be even more awkward to know whether or not to buy them a gift that is typically girlie or not. Of course, you don't want to presume they love unicorns and cuddly toy kittens these days, even though many girls do! So here is a gift guide from Wicked Uncle for the perfect gifts for girls, whether they are studious, whether they are sporty or whether they are creative. This is an advertorial. 

For the adventurous gardener

Hungry bug eating plants

Hungry Bug Eating Plants - Grow Your Own £10.95

For the child that is showing an interest in gardening, this box has everything you need to grow your own Venus Flytrap and Pitcher Plant. It's straightforward to plant the seeds, the compost discs are provided and the pots, all the child has to do is water the plants. Comes with a little gardening puzzle box too. Plants are covered in year one of the National Curriculum for Science so this is a great STEM gift.

For the thoughtful child

Secret Diary Set
- Pens, Stickers & Padlock £19.95

If you are buying for a child who loves to write then this secret diary set is a super choice. This A5 lockable diary is the perfect size to pop in a bag or keep in a desk at home. It has 200 pages and a variety of activity pages too with puzzles, stickers and more so you can personalise the diary.   It also has a magic pen so she can write invisible messages, I mean how cool is that? It comes with a butterfly padlock to ensure it's secure. 

For the promising engineer

Robot pets

Robot Pet Shop - Build 8 Motorised Animals £29.95

Now, this would make a fantastic present for those promising engineers out there. Build 8 motorised animals, from chameleons to a hopping bunny, and put them all together with the help of the 32 page step-by-step book. The models are specially made for little hands. What I love about the Robot pet shop is that it is fun and educational. 

For the sporty girl


Smart Ball - Counts Keepy Uppys for you! £21.99

If you know a girl who loves her football or you want to find a gift for a sporty girl then this smart ball would make the perfect gift. It's a really cool gift as the technology in the ball counts how many times you keep the ball off the ground, whether you are kicking it, or kneeing it. The ball lights up with every touch and the speaker calls out your score. A gift that makes exercise fun too.

For the budding doctor

human body game

The Human Body - Under X-Ray £17.95

For the budding doctors, nurses and paramedics, then this is a fun learning aid all about the human body. It's a jigsaw puzzle with 84 pieces. Children can study the jigsaw and work out what part goes where and the cards that go with the puzzle help in identifying the human body. There is a clever UV torchlight to locate and reveal what cannot be seen with the naked eye. The perfect gift for any child that wants to work in the health service.

As you can see, Wicked Uncle have some of the most perfect gifts for girls that are that bit different and the most amazing gifts for girls with enquiring minds. They also have brilliant gifts for boys too. Let me know, do you have a favourite of these gifts featured? Have you heard of Wicked Uncle? 



  1. These look like great gift ideas, I know my daughter would have loved these and my granddaughter is loving science at the moment and would love the bug eating plants and Human Body under xray

  2. I love the bug eating plant option, I would want that for me not anyone else ha x

  3. These are great gift options for girls! I'd have definitely loved the bug eating plants myself when I was younger!

  4. What some fun ideas for girls. The bug eating plant catches my eye most of all and would be fun to have in the home.

    1. I used to have a Venus fly trap myself when I was a teenager

  5. Some fabulous gift ideas here which would be perfect for my daughter. I know she would love the grow your own Venus Flytrap and Pitcher Plants

  6. I like the idea of growing your own plant. It's a really nice gift that will not just keep a little gardener occupied, but also teach them about how plants grow and about the responsibility of watering, to keep the plant alive.

    1. Yes, it will teach them about responsibility too

  7. These are all such lovely suggestions. My girls would love the Human Body Xray - that is something they'd find very interesting as they like science etc.

  8. I love that there are more STEM products that aren't just aimed at boys to encourage girls to get into science and building etc x

  9. I think my niece would love the bug-eating plant kit. She can be so hard to buy for as she isn’t into the typical stuff for a girl of her age, but I am sure she would love this!

  10. My kids would both really that Human Body set - they are both really interested in things like that! What a great selection of gifts.

  11. Love Wicked Uncle for more unique gifts!

  12. These look so good! Love Wicked Uncle!

  13. My kids would love the Human Body set, in fact I'd love it too!