3 Advantages of Living in a Caravan

Living in a caravan brings in a lot of questions, but first of all, let me ask – are you fed up with the rental payments or eye-watering mortgage payments? If yes, caravan living is for you! 

The sheer joy that comes out of getting to see the world without being tied down to any one particular place is amazing; caravan living comes with a lot of benefits!

While there are many adjustments and practical things that you need to take care of - for instance, where to empty the portaloo, problems that come with compressor noises, where to park and so on, there’s a lot more to this style of living. Keeping that aside, I'm here to tell you some of the amazing advantages of living in a caravan. A caravan can be a static caravan or one which you drive around.

So let’s get started!

1. A Cheaper Option Compared To Renting Or Buying Your Own Home


When it comes to private rentals or buying your own home, you will realise prices are through the roof. In today’s world, there is a shortage of social housing and with interest rates on the rise more than ever, you dare not think of a mortgage.

On the other hand, if you compare the price of a modest property in the UK to the cost of a caravan you will realise that a caravan is much cheaper. Buying second-hand reduced the cost even more. 

Additionally, there is no stamp duty to be paid either on the purchase of a caravan, just 5% VAT on the purchase price. If you have a static caravan on site you will pay an annual fee but it will still be a lot cheaper than renting or buying a property, or you can buy a caravan or motorhome you can drive around.

2. Cheaper Cost Of Living


Not only are caravans cheaper to buy, but living in one reduces the cost of living by a lot.

You don’t have to pay council tax, instead, the site owners are charged based on the number of vans they have – this is then passed on to you as a nightly or monthly combined fee. You don't have to pay for buildings insurance and maintenance costs either. 

Additionally, you will also save money on utility bills. Generally, the caravans will be powered by an electrical hook-up on-site, the cost of which will be included in the nightly fee. This is probably one of the most amazing benefits, so much so that if there is ever a power cut, you can use a backup generator for power.

Then follows the benefit of using saved money on something important. You can find ways to minimise your problems such as noise coming out of your sewage treatment, for a better standard of living.

3. Flexibility Of Location

caravan by the stars

Probably one of the most attractive benefits of living in a caravan is the ease of location. You are not tied down to one place,  with a caravan or motorhome you drive around, you have the liberty to roam around and live wherever you want within reason. 

If you opt for a static caravan you won't be able to move but if you wish to live a life of a traveller, a mobile caravan should be your choice. Then you can live in any part of the country you see fit, perhaps the countryside of Scotland in the Summer, before taking advantage of Cornwall in the Winter or even drive farther afield and enjoy the warm weather of southern Europe when it's cold in the UK.

You will have to make sure that your vehicle has an MOT, and is fully road legal. There will be some restrictions on how long you stay in a country so look into this if you are coming from the UK to Europe. It's also advisable to always book ahead for a caravan pitch in the summer.


Caravan living 
offers a cheaper way of living and with the flexibility of location you get in a mobile caravan, it can feel like you are on a permanent holiday. Caravan living is like living your life as one big holiday, and you have the advantage of the fact that most sites are set in nature, surrounded by tourist attractions.

If you choose to live in the countryside, you will witness lush green picturesque views right out your window, and if you choose to live in a more urban area just outside one of the U.K.’s major cities, you will have a lot of attractions close by.

All in all, this style of living might sound unusual but believe me, a lot of people are choosing to live this way. Let me know, have you ever considered living in a caravan?

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  1. I love the idea of spending a week or so at a time in a caravan. The flexibility they offer is superb!