5 Things You Shouldn't Do On A Plane

With travel coming back to normal many of us may be thinking of where to go on our next holiday. If you are travelling abroad then you are probably travelling by plane. Now, I don't know about you but I find the whole process of flying stressful. There is a lot that we need to do to be prepared to fly and then there is a lot we shouldn't do. More so now than ever. 

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Let's have a look at some of the things you shouldn't do on a plane, for your health and safety and other people's comfort.

Get seriously drunk

It's not a good idea to get seriously drunk on a plane. Firstly if you are inebriated then you won't be able to react quickly if there is an emergency. Secondly, no one wants someone seriously drunk on a plane as there is a chance they could become aggressive, vomit or pass out. Due to changes in the pressure in the cabin, alcohol can affect you more when you are on a plane too. So be careful how much you drink. If you are drunk getting onto a plane then the staff have the right to refuse your boarding. If you bought alcohol in duty-free you aren't allowed to consume it on the plane either but you can buy it on board. Staff have a right to refuse to sell you alcohol though if they think you have had too much.


Besides the smell of smoking which is not pleasant to non-smokers and is potentially cancer forming, smoking on a plane is a fire hazard. Also, you cannot take electronic cigarettes/vapes on a plane either. Many of these emit a smoke-like substance and the batteries can be a fire hazard. If the thought of a long flight without smoking is difficult for you, you could possibly take a nicotine patch or a nicotine substance like nicotine pouches sold by snusdirect. Nicotine punches contain a substance that you put under your top lip where it releases the flavour and nicotine. Check with the legalities of the country first. 

Take forbidden food

You can take food on a plane but there are certain restrictions if you are going internationally and these can vary according to the country. Certain foods like fresh fruit may have to be eaten on the plane and not brought into the country. If it's liquid-based it would need to go in a checked bag unless it is under 100 MLS and can go in a clear plastic bag of a certain size in your hand luggage. Check with your airline first. Prohibited agricultural items including certain fruits and seeds can harbour plant pests and foreign animal diseases that could seriously damage the crops of the country and the environment. Also, don't take smelly food on a plane as it's not good etiquette so leave the egg and tuna sandwiches at home. 

Ignore hygiene

Something you shouldn't do on a plane is to ignore hygiene, especially in these COVID times. I usually wipe everything over like the tray table and armrests if they are plastic with an antibacterial wipe. When you go to the bathroom be sure to wash and dry your hand properly, and don't touch what you don't need to. Also, don't walk barefoot in the bathroom. Wipe your hands with an antibacterial wipe after too. There are lots of germs on a plane and with the staff having to turn around a plane in less than 30 minutes sometimes you can't be sure it's all cleaned properly. It goes without saying that be sure to attend to your hygiene needs too, so shower and use deodorant as no one wants someone smelly sitting next to them. 

Carry something hazardous

When you check in you will be shown a list of hazardous substances. Don't have any of these or lie that you don't have them as this can get you into serious trouble and could be dangerous.  These are things like explosive substances, including party poppers and fireworks, poisons including weedkillers, and flammable substances like lighter fuel and paints. Also, hand luggage restrictions are different to hold restrictions so be sure to check these out too. These substances can vary slightly from country to country but generally are the same, however always read the list carefully to avoid being caught out. 

So these are 5 things you shouldn't do, when you travel on a plane, from the mild to the serious. Have you ever seen someone drunk on a plane? Do you wipe down the seat tray?

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