Light Wood Living Room Furniture And Calming Decor Tips In 2022

With all the current chaos in the world, having a calm space to escape to is a 2022 must-have in our house.

If you feel overwhelmed when you come home and cannot place why this post is for you. It may be that your home is subliminally creating a busy and stressful atmosphere through your decor. There are many reputable furniture companies such as Hunter Furnishing that have a Stressless range of comfortable furniture to help you relax.

The following decor tips will help you make a more calming change, instantly changing the mood of your home.

Light Wood Livingroom Furniture

A living room is often used to relax, but it might be where your decor is unintentionally creating stress. It might be that your space needs to be brightened up, and a great way to do so is through light wood living room furniture. This can have a calming effect on your environment, making your living space appear larger.

It may be that your space is filled with dark and black wood furniture and switching colour schemes; this can transform your space without having to make any changes to your wall paint or wallpaper.

There are many light coloured wood options such as White Oak, Maple, Beech and Hickory that are very versatile when pairing them with different decor styles. An example would be to pair Beech wood furniture with white and cream pillows and curtains to create a clean, harmonious living room.

It may also be an idea to re-arrange any furniture you may have in your living room. Your space could feel a little cramped and could do with getting rid of the extra table and chairs that never really get used.

Or your space could do with downsizing the huge sofa that doesn’t quite fit. Have a walk around your living room and see what you could get rid of, as the lack of walking space could be contributing to any feelings of chaos.

Change your wall art

It might be time to change the wall art around your home, particularly if you have put together an eclectic gallery wall. Sometimes the problem is having too many things happening at once, keeping your mind wandering.

Having various prints and patterns clash can be a great way to engage the eye; however, it might not be the best idea in creating a calming atmosphere.

Try options with simple designs with more muted colours instead. Adding a mirror is a great trick to adding more dimension and light to your space instead of relying on wall art.

A great design trick is to curate and print out black and white filtered pictures of your treasured memories into hanging picture frames.

This will add a unique personal touch to your home and remind you of good times.

Muting the colours will help create a connection between each picture through the consistent use of muted shades.

Change the smell of your home


Changing the smell of your home can be a simple step with a big impact on your mood.

Over time your nose stops noticing any candles or diffusers you may have on; therefore, changing anything scented can make a big difference in creating a new ambience in your space. This is often the most cost-effective way, with the many different scent options available to suit any preference.

Adding candles also creates a more relaxing mood lighting option in the evenings, saving any electricity costs.

Candles are a great eco-friendly option when it comes to lighting and can be sourced from excellent local sellers in your area, helping support your local small businesses.

This altering mood option is also discreet to do so should you choose not to make any drastic decor changes as scent wall plugs can be easily hidden. Many different pet safe scent wall plugins can also help calm your pets.


Taking a walk in nature is always a great suggestion in calming your mind, and a great way to bring the outdoors inside your home is to add plants into your space. There are many different plant options available, which will also change season to season.

It can be a great new relaxing hobby for any aspiring green finger. However, there are easy to care for plant options for those with busier schedules. Fake plants are a great alternative, particularly in spaces with not the best light.

If you don’t have much floor space, you can always hang plants from the ceiling in your windows or in corners of the room.

Many plants can benefit from direct light or prefer those darker corners. Having plants within your home can also help improve your air quality as plants absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen. So not only can having plants be pleasing to the eye but also healthy for your home.

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