Storage Solutions To Fit Your Life With Lifewit

When you are looking for ways to organise your home you may not know where to start. You may have so many clothes, books, blu-rays discs and work files. I know I do. Then there are the kid's toys that are everywhere.  That's before you include your other half's collections of Dr Who DVDs! Well, today I have a solution for you. A company called Lifewit make affordable storage solutions for everyday living.

Lifewit makes homeware solutions that can help make you organised and keep your home tidy. They sell everything from storage bags to bedding, bathmats to doormats, laundry hampers to cooler bags.

I am going to talk about some of their storage solutions today. 

You can buy Lifewit products from their Amazon page or directly through the Lifewit website. 


Lifewit large capacity storage bags

When you need roomy storage bags to organise your space, the Lifewit large capacity storage bags could be a great option. These large-capacity storage bags are made of a thick padded material and have reinforced seams for strength. The handles if also made of a thick fabric doubled over for strength. It is easy to see what is in the large-capacity storage bags as there is a clear window at the front of the storage bag. Two-way zippers make the bags easy to open. When not in use they are easy to store as there is no metal internal support. Each storage bag has a capacity of 90L. 

The storage bags are available in neutral colours of grey, black and blue, that could fit into most colour schemes. They make perfect storage solutions for keeping blankets and pillows fresh out of season, for storing bulky items like winter coats or for storing and putting away last seasons clothes. You could also use them for the kid's toys and students could take them to university for their storage needs.

Lifewit collapsable storage cubes 13 inches

Another item I want to mention today is the Lifewit collapsable storage cubes. The ones above come in a package of 6 and are 13 inches in diameter. They are also available in 10.5 inches in diameter too.  These storage cubes are made of a high-quality non-woven fabric and cardboard insert that has been precision stitched, these storage bins are firm and durable for prolonged use. They each have a handle and are open to the top. When not in use they can be collapsed to store away without taking up much space. All materials are bio-degradable and safe to use.  These storage cubes are versatile and are great for the living room to store magazines, or for the bedroom to store clothes. 

The Lifewit collapsable storage cubes are available in beige, black, light grey and dark grey and will fit into most colour schemes in your home.

There are more storage solutions on the Lifewit website. What I love about their products are the affordable price point, the neutral colours and the quality. Let me know would you use these storage solutions in your home? What would you store in these storage cubes? 


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